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Session Type: PDW Workshop
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Scheduled: Saturday, Aug 5 2017 11:15AM - 12:45PM at Atlanta Marriott Marquis in Marquis M304
Moving Beyond Growth in Management Research, Practice & Education
Moving Beyond Growth

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Organizer: André Reichel, Karlshochschule International U.
Facilitator: Robert Perey, U. of Technology, Sydney
Discussant: Melissa Edwards, U. of Technology, Sydney
Discussant: John M. Jermier, U. of South Florida
Discussant: Katrin Muff, Business School Lausanne
Discussant: Ana Maria Peredo, U. of Victoria
Discussant: Lena Olaison, Copenhagen Business School (CBS) /Linnaeus U.
The emerging field of ‘degrowth’ is a recent movement addressing the issues of the modern ecological crisis, arising from the industrial revolution. Degrowth strongly criticises the logics that underpin today’s economic systems and continues a long trend of drawing societal attention to the ecological limits of growth that constrain humanity’s cultural practices and activities. An explicit aim of the degrowth movement is to recreate societies that are radically different to current modern understandings of how societies should be structured and function (Latouche 2009). In doing this, Latouche argues that degrowth goes beyond modernity and challenges the spirit of capitalism. It draws on radical environmental and social discourses to challenge entrained patterns of seeing. Degrowth is a call for a radical break from traditional growth-based models. During past AoM meetings we have explored issues raised by the scholarly discourse on degrowth in particular as well as the wider notions entailed by a postgrowth perspective. The argument put forward by advocates of economies that are no longer based on growth is that the mindset of people at all levels in society and organisations needs to change from valorising growth as the measure of success to another measure of success that is in tune with the environment. There are new forms of organising in response to the disenchantment with existing organisational structures and aims. How this may unfold at the micro/meso scale in our organizational settings, as opposed to the macroeconomic scale of decision making and design, will be at the heart of this PDW.
This PDW attempts to bridge the gap between the growing discourses on ‘beyond growth’ (eg. Postgrowth, Degrowth, Steady State) with the field of management and organization science.
Search Terms: Degrowth | Sustainability | Organizational Practice
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