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Session Type: Symposium
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Scheduled: Monday, Aug 7 2017 11:30AM - 1:00PM at Hilton Atlanta in Room 302
How Spatial and Social Factors Shape Social Networking, Collaboration and Innovation
The Spatial Interface

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Chair: Libby Sander, Bond U.
Chair: Peter Bacevice, HLW International
Organizer: Libby Sander, Bond U.
Organizer: Peter Bacevice, HLW International
Discussant: John Peponis, Georgia Institute of Technology
In recent years, both academics and practitioners have devoted increasing attention to the role of spatial factors in shaping emerging boundaries and interfaces for organizations. The nature and form of these spaces continues to evolve rapidly, as does their role in shaping social, behavioral and economic outcomes. The effects of these changes and the outcomes they influence is of great interest to both organizations, entrepreneurs and policy makers who seek to drive innovation and ecosystems to support social connection and economic diversification within cities and regions. In this symposium, we include four papers that outline [1] a field experiment examining the barriers in social tie formation for entrepreneurs; [2] the impact of social and spatial enablers on innovation; [3] the relationships among spatial features, structures and interactions on the cognitive activation of social ties; and [4] a study on the influence of space on new venture success. The papers highlight emergent research on ways that spaces and interfaces influence social interaction, networks and innovation.
Search Terms: Spatial Factors | Social Networks | Entrepreneurship
Exploring the Constraints on Network Change: Evidence from a Field Experiment
Presenter: Sofia Bapna, U. of Minnesota
Presenter: Russell James Funk, U. of Minnesota
Unpacking the Cognitive Activation of Social Ties in a Start-up Inclubator
Presenter: Mariachiara Barzotto, U. of Birmingham
Presenter: Santi Furnari, Cass Business School, City U. London
Presenter: Hans Frankort, Cass Business School
Enabling Innovation: Social and Spatial Dimensions of Workspace
Presenter: Jean Wineman, U. of Michigan College of Architecture
Presenter: Janice Barnes, Perkins+Will
Antecedents of New Venture Success: Spatial Aspects of Organizing
Presenter: Libby Sander, Bond U.
Presenter: Peter Bacevice, HLW International
Presenter: Arran Caza, U. of Manitoba
Presenter: Paul Burton, Griffith U.
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