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MC - Management Consulting

Division Chair
Name: Tonya L. Henderson Tonya L. Henderson
Address: Software Engineering Services Corp.
17539 State Highway 67
Divide, CO 80814-8207
Work phone:
Division Program Chair
Name: Eric Sanders Eric Sanders
Address: Loyola Chicago, Marquette, & Organization Development Economist

Work phone: (630) 290-8097
Past Division Chair Amandine Savall - ISEOR 478332496 x33
Division Doctoral Student Program Chair Nancy Wallis - Claremont School of Theology (949) 887-3043
Division Treasurer Rickie Moore - EMLYON Business School 33-478-337754
Division Representative-at-Large Daniel Degravel - California State Univ Northridge (310) 254-4002
Division Representative-at-Large Rida Elias - American University of Beirut 961 1 350 000 x3771
Division Representative-at-Large Richard Ledborg Hansen - CBS - Copenhagen Business School +45 40184434
Division Representative-at-Large Peter Marzec - Nottingham Trent University
Division Representative-at-Large Leslie L. McKnight - Benedictine University (309) 648-4588
Division Representative-at-Large Jeffrey R. Moore - Anderson University (864) 322-3088
Division Scholar in Residence Jean E. Neumann - The Tavistock Institute 44-20-7326-0478
Tuesday, September 18, 2018