Leadership Directory

MOC - Managerial and Organizational Cognition

Division Chair
Name: Pauline Schilpzand Pauline Schilpzand
Address: Oregon State University
4254 Canary Place
Corvallis, OR 97330
Work phone: (541) 745-4683
Division Program Chair
Name: Teresa Cardador Teresa Cardador
Address: University of Illinois at U-C
School of Labor and Employment Relations
504 East Armory Avenue
Champaign, IL 61820
Work phone: (217) 244-1398
Division PDW Chair
Name: Beth Ann Livingston Beth Ann Livingston
Address: University of Iowa
W276 Pappajohn Business Building
University of Iowa
Iowa City, IA 52242
Work phone: (607) 220-8622
Past Division Chair Naomi Beth Rothman - Lehigh University
Division Treasurer Alyson Meister - IMD Business School +41795968657
Division Chief Technology Officer Cristiano L O Guarana - Indiana University (812) 855-5437
Division Representative-at-Large Jeffrey Bednar - Brigham Young University (801) 422-4082
Division Representative-at-Large Matthew Grimes - Cambridge Judge Business School
Division Representative-at-Large Winnie Jiang - INSEAD
Division Representative-at-Large Sophie Leroy - University of Washington Bothell
Division Representative-at-Large Kira Franziska Schabram - University of Washington
Division Representative-at-Large Chia-Jung Tsay - University of Wisconsin-Madison
Division Student Representative at Large Jacqueline Csonka-Peeren - University of Waterloo
Division Student Representative at Large Adaora Ubaka - U. of Illinois at Chicago
Division Special Advisor Alex Bolinger - Idaho State University (208) 251-6609
Division International Representative at Large Jing Zhu - Nanyang Technological U. (656) 592-1857