Leadership Directory

OB - Organizational Behavior

Division Chair
Name: Rebecca J. Bennett Rebecca J. Bennett
Address: University of Central Florida
College of Administration & Business
Mgmt Dept
PO Box 161400
Orlando, FL 32816-0001
Division Chair-Elect
Name: Elizabeth George Elizabeth George
Address: University of Auckland
Department of Management
Business School
University of Auckland
Auckland, New Zealand 1142
Division Program Chair
Name: Bradley L. Kirkman Bradley L. Kirkman
Address: North Carolina State University
MIE Department
CB 7229
Raleigh, NC 27695-8614
Division Program Chair-Elect
Name: Gilad Chen Gilad Chen
Address: University of Maryland
Robert H. Smith School of Business
College Park, MD 20742
Division PDW Chair
Name: Helena Cooper-Thomas Helena Cooper-Thomas
Address: Auckland U. of Technology
D-59, Department of Management
Auckland University of Technology
120 Mayoral Drive
Auckland, New Zealand 1010
Past Division Chair Ronald F. Piccolo - University of Central Florida (407) 823-5504
Division Treasurer Bret Bradley - University of Oklahoma (405) 325-2940
Division Chief Technology Officer Michael Johnson - University of Washington (206) 616-2756
Division Chief Technology Officer Wladislaw Rivkin - Trinity Business School
Division Representative-at-Large Raina A. Brands - UCL School of Management
Division Representative-at-Large Elizabeth Margaret Campbell - University of Minnesota
Division Representative-at-Large Cecily Cooper - University of Miami (305) 284-8585
Division Representative-at-Large Helena Cooper-Thomas - Auckland U. of Technology +64 9 921 9999 x7664
Division Representative-at-Large Sreedhari Desai - University of North Carolina (801) 505-1090
Division Representative-at-Large Oscar Holmes, IV - Rutgers University (856) 225-6593
Division Representative-at-Large Margaret M. Luciano - Penn State University
Division Representative-at-Large Payal N. Sharma - University of Nevada, Las Vegas
Division Representative-at-Large David T. Wagner - University of Oregon (541) 346-3413