Leadership Directory

OB - Organizational Behavior

Division Chair
Name: Daan Van Knippenberg Daan Van Knippenberg
Address: Drexel University
Drexel University LeBow College Of Busin
3220 Market St
Philadelphia, PA 19104-3391
Work phone: (215) 517-4408
Fax: +31 10 408 9015
Division Chair-Elect
Name: Ronald F. Piccolo Ronald F. Piccolo
Address: University of Central Florida
PO Box 161400
Orlando, FL 32816-1400
Work phone: (407) 823-5504
Fax: (407) 646-1550
Division Program Chair
Name: Rebecca J. Bennett Rebecca J. Bennett
Address: University of Central Florida
College of Administration & Business
Mgmt Dept
PO Box 161400
Orlando, FL 32816-0001
Work phone: (318) 497-1382
Fax: (407) 823-3725
Division Program Chair-Elect
Name: Elizabeth George Elizabeth George
Address: University of Auckland
Graduate School of Management
Business School
University of Auckland
Auckland, New Zealand 1142
Work phone: (649) 923-5310
Fax: 852-2335-5325
Division PDW Chair
Name: David T. Wagner David T. Wagner
Address: University of Oregon
Lillis Business Complex
Eugene, OR 97403
Work phone: (541) 346-3413
Past Division Chair Sigal Barsade - Wharton School, Univ. of Penn. (215) 898-1373
Division Representative-at-Large Uta K. Bindl - King's College London
Division Representative-at-Large N. Sharon Hill - The George Washington University (202) 994-1314
Division Representative-at-Large Oscar Holmes, IV - Rutgers University (856) 225-6593
Division Representative-at-Large Keith Norman Leavitt - Oregon State University
Division Representative-at-Large Denise Lewin Loyd - University of Illinois at Urbana-Cham (217) 300-6750
Division Representative-at-Large Shimul Melwani - University of North Carolina (215) 605-1682
Division Representative-at-Large Celia Moore - Imperial College Business School +44 207 594 5400
Division Representative-at-Large Payal N. Sharma - University of Nevada, Las Vegas
Division Representative-at-Large David T. Wagner - University of Oregon (541) 346-3413