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OMT - Organization & Management Theory

Division Chair
Name: Martin J. Kilduff Martin J. Kilduff
Address: University College London
UCL School of Management
1 Canada Square
London E14 5AB
Work phone:
Division Chair-Elect
Name: Eva Boxenbaum Eva Boxenbaum
Address: Copenhagen Business School
Kilevej 14A
Frederiksberg 2000
Work phone: 004523239932
Fax: +45 38152828
Division Program Chair
Name: Forrest Briscoe Forrest Briscoe
Address: The Pennsylvania State University
Smeal College of Business
450 Business Building
University Park, PA 16802
Work phone: (814) 865-0746
Fax: (814) 863-3578
Division Program Chair-Elect
Name: Emilio J. Castilla Emilio J. Castilla
Address: MIT Sloan School of Management
77 Mass Ave
Cambridge, MA 02139
Work phone: (617) 253-0286
Fax: (617) 253-2660
Past Division Chair Renate Elisabeth Meyer - WU Vienna & CBS Copenhagen ++4367682134437
Division Membership Chair Emily S. Block - University of Alberta
Division Membership Chair Shelby Gai - Michigan State University (347) 788-8713
Division Treasurer Konstantinos Andriopoulos - Cass Business School +4402070408460
Division Representative-at-Large Michel Anteby - Boston University
Division Representative-at-Large Marya Besharov - Oxford Univ., Said Business School
Division Representative-at-Large Santi Furnari - Cass Business School +442070405132
Division Representative-at-Large Srividya Jandhyala - ESSEC Business School +65 64139713
Division Representative-at-Large Kisha Lashley - University of Virginia
Division Representative-at-Large Danielle Logue - University of Technology, Sydney +61295143659
Division Representative-at-Large Pablo Martin De Holan - HEC Paris +34634038626
Division Representative-at-Large Paul Tracey - University of Cambridge
Division Representative-at-Large Yutaka Yamauchi - Kyoto University +81757533536
Division Communications Coordinator Shipeng Yan - The University of Hong Kong
Division Social Media Chair Kevin Woojin Lee - New York University
Division Research Chair Mary-Hunter McDonnell - The Wharton School
Division Social Media Chair Christine Moser - Vrije U. Amsterdam +31205982523
Division Strategic Chair Melodie Cartel - UNSW Business Scool
Division Special Advisor Richard Franciscus Johannes Haans - Erasmus University +31 10 4082764