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ONE - Organizations & The Natural Environment

Division Chair
Name: Jeff York Jeff York
Address: University of Colorado
Business 441
419 UCB
Boulder, CO 80309
Work phone: (303) 492-3783
Division Chair-Elect
Name: Ivan Montiel Ivan Montiel
Address: Baruch College, City University of New York
55 Lexington Ave Baruch College
New York, NY 10010-5585
Work phone:
Fax: (310) 338-3000
Division Program Chair
Name: Sukhbir Kaur Sandhu Sukhbir Kaur Sandhu
Address: University of South Australia
School of Management
GPO 2471
Adelaide, South Australia 5001
Work phone: 0061883020735
Division Program Chair-Elect
Name: Martina K. Linnenluecke Martina K. Linnenluecke
Address: Macquarie U.
Faculty of Business and Economics
Building E4A, Eastern Road
Macquarie University
Sydney, NSW 2109
Work phone:
Past Division Chair Judith Louise Walls - University of St. Gallen
Division Treasurer Ajith Venugopal - Texas A&M International University
Division Program Team Elisa Alt - King's College London
Division Program Team Raquel Antolin-Lopez - University of Almeria 0034-950-214033
Division Membership Team Patricia Kanashiro - Loyola University Maryland
Division Membership Team Yoo Na Youm - Loyola University Chicago
Division Communications Team Panikos G. Georgallis - University of Amsterdam +447747729223
Division Communications Team Nicholas Poggioli - University of Michigan
Division Awards Team Joern Hoppmann - University of Oldenburg
Division Awards Team Natalia Ortiz-de-Mandojana - University of Granada
Division Teaching Team Nancy E. Landrum - Loyola U Chicago
Division Teaching Team Sara B. Soderstrom - University of Michigan
Division Greening Team Valentina De Marchi - Department of Economics and Management, U. of Padova
Division Greening Team Sylvia Grewatsch - Goodman School of Business, Brock University
Division Internationalization/Integration Team Ralph Hamann - University of Cape Town +27-21-406-1503
Division Internationalization/Integration Team Andrea Maria Prado - INCAE Business School (506) 2437-2100 x273