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RM - Research Methods

Division Chair
Name: Marcus Butts Marcus Butts
Address: Southern Methodist University
Edwin L. Cox School of Business
Southern Methodist University
PO Box 750333
Dallas, TX 75275-0333
Work phone:
Fax: (817) 272-3122
Division Chair-Elect
Name: Zhen Zhang Zhen Zhang
Address: Arizona State University
P.O. Box 874006
Tempe, AZ 85287-4006
Work phone: (480) 965-5560
Fax: (480) 965-8314
Division Program Chair
Name: Daniel Judson Beal Daniel Judson Beal
Address: Virginia Tech
Department of Management
2007 Pamplin Hall
Blacksburg, VA 24061
Work phone: (713) 301-0425
Fax: (540) 231-3067
Division Program Chair-Elect
Name: Kris Byron Kris Byron
Address: Georgia State University
Department of Managerial Sciences
P. O. Box 4014
Atlanta, GA 30302-4014
Work phone: (404) 413-7531
Past Division Chair Michael S. Cole - Texas Christian University (817) 257-6796
Division Treasurer Timothy J. Quigley - University of Georgia (706) 542-1294
Division Representative-at-Large Dorothy R. Carter - University of Georgia
Division Representative-at-Large Rick DeShon - Michigan State University (517) 353-4624
Division Representative-at-Large Nikolaos E. Dimotakis - Oklahoma State University
Division Representative-at-Large Jason Huang - Michigan State University (517) 432-7273
Division Representative-at-Large Le Zhou - University of Minnesota (612) 625-5050
Wednesday, September 18, 2019