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Session Type: PDW Workshop
Program Session: 412 | Submission: 11002 | Sponsor(s): (CM, HR)
Scheduled: Saturday, Aug 6 2016 3:15PM - 6:15PM at Hilton Anaheim in Catalina 4
Why Can’t We Just Get Along? Practical Conflict Management Techniques and the Role of Ombudspersons
Managing Academic Conflict

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Participant: Nancy E. Day, U. of Missouri, Kansas City
Participant: Mary Sue Love, Southern Illinois U., Edwardsville
Participant: Gregory K. Stephens, Texas Christian U.
The Academy of Management Ethics Ombuds Committee will present this two-part, interactive session designed to help faculty address conflict in their day-to-day academic lives. First, we will introduce a practical conflict-management framework and assist participants in identifying and practicing techniques to address and manage disagreements with their colleagues, students, coauthors or supervisors. The workshop will focus on identifying: sources of conflict, self-work needed to prepare conflict discussions, strategies to successfully navigate the conversation, and follow-up procedures to improve the relationship. Second, as practicing faculty ombudspersons and mediators in our universities as well as members of the AOM Ombuds Committee, we will address topics of special interest to the attendees gathered for the session. This will take place in the context of a Q&A period, and may be done in a combined session, or in one-on-one breakout sessions. Questions might include, for example, how individuals could work with the AOM Ombuds Committee or a University Ombudperson to resolve conflicts or concerns, or what steps they might take to establish an Ombuds Office at their University.
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