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Session Type: PDW Workshop
Program Session: 306 | Submission: 10354 | Sponsor(s): (OMT, OB, MC, HCM, HR)
Scheduled: Saturday, Aug 5 2017 10:15AM - 12:15PM at Atlanta Marriott Marquis in Marquis M105
The Nature, Antecedents, and Consequences of Professional Misconduct (CANCELLED)
Professional Misconduct

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Organizer: Claudia Gabbioneta, Newcastle U.
Organizer: Thomas J. Roulet, King's College London
Organizer: Daniel Muzio, Newcastle U.
Presenter: Andrew von Nordenflycht, Simon Fraser U.
Presenter: Daniel Muzio, Newcastle U.
Presenter: Pooria Assadi, The Wharton School, U. of Pennsylvania
Professional misconduct seems to be ubiquitous in our society (Muzio et al., 2016). Today’s news are full of stories of accounting firms turning a blind eye to their clients’ accounts, law firms helping them devise ways to reduce their tax burden, and doctors mistreating their patients. As a result, research on professional misconduct has gained momentum in organizational and management research. Yet, we still have a limited understanding of professional misconduct. In particular, we know little about the nature of professional misconduct. Is professional misconduct different from other types of misbehaviour? To what extent do existing theories of misbehaviour apply to professional misconduct? Similarly, we do not know much about the antecedents and the consequences of professional misconduct. Why do professionals become involved in misconduct? Are they faced with the same incentives and opportunities as firm managers? Are the consequences of professional misconduct the same as those of other forms of misbehaviour? Drawing on their own research in the field, our panelists will address these three topics and suggest directions for future research. The PDW will also provide an opportunity for small group interactions with our panelists.
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