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Session Type: PDW Workshop
Program Session: 254 | Submission: 10552 | Sponsor(s): (OMT, BPS, ODC)
Scheduled: Saturday, Aug 5 2017 8:00AM - 10:30AM at Atlanta Marriott Marquis in Marquis M301
Current Research in Organization Design: Topics, Tools, and Triumphs
Organization Design

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Organizer: Oliver Baumann, U. of Southern Denmark
Organizer: Dorthe Dojbak Hakonsson, Aarhus U.
Organizer: John Joseph, U. of California, Irvine
Organizer: Phanish Puranam, INSEAD
Organizer: Marlo Raveendran, U. of California, Riverside
Organizer: Charles Williams, Bocconi U.
Organizer: Brian Wu, U. of Michigan
Distinguished Speaker: Gautam Ahuja, Cornell U.
Distinguished Speaker: Nicolai J. Foss, Bocconi U.
Distinguished Speaker: William Ocasio, Northwestern U.
Distinguished Speaker: Melissa Valentine, Stanford U.
Presenter: Balazs Kovacs, Yale School of Management
Presenter: Chi-Hyon Lee, George Mason U.
This PDW seeks to address the growing calls for more research on organization design. Organization design is concerned with the problem of organizing collective action, i.e., how to get multiple individuals with different interests and knowledge to achieve tasks collectively. As such, it draws on different theoretical foundations to address problems that have practical relevance, and new theory, phenomena, tools, and data provide great potential for future research. This PDW is designed especially for Ph.D. students and junior faculty interested in the subject, and will highlight the topics, tools, and triumphs of current and emerging scholars who have made organization design a part of their re- search agenda. The program will feature senior faculty who will offer their own perspec-tive on new directions for design research and provide some insights regarding critical unanswered questions. The program will also include a snapshot of recently published design-related research as well as a primer on an up-to-date tool. Finally, we include nu-merous opportunities for interaction between panelists and participants throughout the PDW. Our goal is to provide both a platform to explore the area of organization design and a means to help develop the next generation of organization design researchers.
Pre-registration is required for this session. To register online, please visit The deadline to register online is August 3, 2017.
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