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Session Type: PDW Workshop
Program Session: 171 | Submission: 11115 | Sponsor(s): (OMT)
Scheduled: Friday, Aug 4 2017 4:30PM - 6:00PM at Atlanta Marriott Marquis in Marquis M302,303
OMT New and Returning Member Networking and Research Forum
OMT New-Returning Member PDW

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Organizer: Wesley Helms, Brock U.
Organizer: Madeline Toubiana, U. of Alberta
Organizer: Emily S. Block, U. of Alberta
Participant: Joseph P. Broschak, U. of Arizona
Participant: Joel Gehman, U. of Alberta
Participant: Michael Lounsbury, U. of Alberta
Participant: Shon R. Hiatt, U. of Southern California
Participant: Massimo Maoret, IESE Business School
Participant: Michael Jensen, U. of Michigan
Participant: Tina Dacin, Queen's U.
Participant: Brandy Aven, Carnegie Mellon U.
Participant: Maxim Voronov, Brock U.
Participant: Yerodin Sekou Bermiss, The U. of Texas at Austin
Participant: Santi Furnari, Cass Business School, City U. London
Participant: Scott Graffin, U. of Georgia
Participant: Patricia H. Thornton, Texas A&M U., College Station
Participant: Anne-Claire Pache, ESSEC Business School
Participant: Marya Besharov, Cornell U.
Participant: Christopher W. J. Steele, U. of Alberta
Participant: Matthew Grimes, Indiana U.
Participant: Brayden G. King, Northwestern U.
Participant: Huseyin Leblebici, U. of Illinois
Participant: Tim G. Pollock, Pennsylvania State U.
Participant: Renate Elisabeth Meyer, WU Vienna U. of Economics and Business
If you are new to the Organization and Management Theory (OMT) division, are interested in joining OMT, or are an established member who has been away for a while, then this forum is for you! This forum was created to help members to feel “at home” in the OMT division. We have designed the forum so that you can meet leading scholars in the OMT division, meet other new members of the division, and discuss research with other scholars who share similar interests. The forum will include a welcome and overview of the OMT Division followed by research discussions moderated by renowned scholars who actively conduct research in a particular area of interest. As a participant in the forum, you can self- select into several research themes of your choice. Research themes will be organized by theory, context and methodology.
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