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Session Type: Symposium
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Scheduled: Sunday, Aug 6 2017 12:15PM - 1:45PM at Hyatt Regency Atlanta in Techwood
Systems & Sustainability: Towards a New Research Agenda
Systems & Sustainability
Theme: At the Interface

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Organizer: Sylvia Grewatsch, Ivey Business School, Western U.
Organizer: Christina Bidmon, Aarhus School of Business and Social Sciences
The overall aim of the symposium is to introduce system perspectives to a wide audience and to use business sustainability as an illustrative context for how the application of systems thinking needs to be strengthened in management research. Business sustainability provides a meaningful context, because early sustainability research was grounded in systems thinking and stressed the need to apply a systems paradigm. But business sustainability research has primarily analyzed individual system components and their interdependencies. Instead of addressing complex sustainability phenomena, the main emphasis has been on improving organizational performance and understanding institutional conditions. Therefore, we invite leading scholars from different disciplines to facilitate a dialogue and to work towards a future research agenda at the interface of systems and sustainability research.
Search Terms: Systems perspective | sustainability | sustainability transition
Sustainability Transitions: The Emerging Field of Research and Connections to Management Studies
Presenter: Jochen Markard, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich, ETH
The Emergence of New Conceptual Spaces around Sustainability
Presenter: Raghu Garud, Pennsylvania State U.
Presenter: Wenpin Tsai, Pennsylvania State U.
Presenter: Thinley Tharchen, Pennsylvania State U.
Distinguishing Business Models for Sustainability between Start-Ups and Incumbents
Presenter: Stefan Schaltegger, Leuphana U. L√ľneburg
Presenter: Matthew Johnson, U. of Hamburg
How do Companies make Collective Sense of Systemic Sustainability Challenges?
Presenter: Gail Whiteman, Erasmus U. Rotterdam
Presenter: John N. Parker, Arizona State U.
Presenter: Steven Kennedy, Rotterdam School of Management
Presenter: Amanda Nicole Williams, Erasmus U. Rotterdam
The Emergence of Responsible Investing: A Robust Action Perspective
Presenter: Fabrizio Ferraro, IESE Business School
Transitional Challenges in the Diffusion of Alternative Fuel Vehicles
Presenter: David R. Keith, MIT Sloan School of Management
Complexity Theory and Sustainability in Business: Theory and Testing of Two Frameworks
Presenter: Terry B. Porter, U. of Maine
Presenter: Randall Reischer, U. of Maine
Four Principles of Complexity Theory for Sustainability
Presenter: Benyamin Bergmann Lichtenstein, U. of Massachusetts, Boston
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