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Session Type: Showcase Symposium
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Scheduled: Monday, Aug 7 2017 11:30AM - 1:00PM at Hilton Atlanta in Room 218
High-Tech or High-Touch? Developmental Relationships in the Digital Age
Developmental Relationships

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Organizer: Angela Passarelli, College of Charleston
Organizer: Mandy Varley, Case Western Reserve U.
Discussant: Claudy Jules, Accenture
  MED Best Symposium in Management Education and Development Award sponsored by McGraw Hill/Irwin for the symposium that offers the most significant contribution to advance management education and development.  
The digital era in organizations has prompted shifts in the way organizational actors interrelate. Developmental relationships such as mentoring and coaching are not immune to these changes. Yet much research fails to account for the effects of technology on how these relationships form and function when individuals are not face-to-face. This symposium brings together a set of papers that examine how the realities of the digital world affect developmental relationships. Specifically, these papers use conceptual, qualitative, and quantitative methods to describe: (1) how technology-mediated communication impacts being in contact versus being emotionally connected in work relationships, (2) knowledge transfer in virtual mentoring dyads, (3) the effect of media richness on executive coaching relationships and outcomes, and (4) peer coaching for leadership development in distance education programs. A discussant will provide commentary on collective implications for practice and provocative questions for future research.
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The Bait-and-Switch of the Internet:The Influence of Connectivity on Contactedness and Connectedness
Presenter: Anthony Silard, California State U. San Bernardino
Presenter: Mary Beth Watson-Manheim, U. of Illinois at Chicago
Boundary Spanning Learning & Leadership Development
Presenter: Kate Elgayeva, U. of Minnesota Duluth
Presenter: John Jameson, Creative Financial Staffing
Effect of Delivery Modality on Coaching Effectiveness
Presenter: Angela Passarelli, College of Charleston
Presenter: Ellen B. Van Oosten, Case Western Reserve U.
Presenter: Mandy Varley, Case Western Reserve U.
Presenter: Mai P. Trinh, Arizona State U.
Effect of Peer Coaching on Student Learning Outcomes in Online Leadership Education
Presenter: Mai P. Trinh, Arizona State U.
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