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Session Type: PDW Workshop
Program Session: 257 | Submission: 13199 | Sponsor(s): (OMT, SAP)
Scheduled: Saturday, Aug 5 2017 8:00AM - 10:00AM at Atlanta Marriott Marquis in Marquis M304
Behind the Scenes: Highly Cited Ethnographic Research in Organizational Studies
Behind the Scenes
Theme: At the InterfaceResearch

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Organizer: Asma Zafar, U. of Alberta
Organizer: Leanne Mara Hedberg, U. of Alberta School of Management
Panelist: Sarah Kaplan, U. of Toronto
Panelist: Michael Smets, U. of Oxford
Panelist: Michael G Pratt, Boston College
Panelist: Kimberly D. Elsbach, U. of California, Davis
Panelist: Davide Nicolini, U. of Warwick
Panelist: Tammar B. Zilber, Hebrew U. of Jerusalem
This PDW is a fresh take on methods oriented learning; besides providing its participants an opportunity to discuss their research challenges, brainstorm ideas, and obtain targeted feedback, it gives the participants a sneak peek into what it took to produce outstanding ethnographic studies in organizational research. The workshops primarily aims to support PhD students, junior and senior faculty who are undertaking, or are interested in applying, ethnographic research in organizational studies. This PDW is also relevant for supervisors of PhD students who are exploring ethnographic methods for their dissertations. This PDW will be organized in two parts. For PART ONE (approximately 1 hour), panelists will each share the ‘behind the scenes’ of one of their well-known publications, focusing on a particular challenge. Pre-registration is required. PART TWO is limited to 54 participants, and also requires pre-registration. A total of 6 topics (one for each roundtable) will be pre-determined based on the primary challenges that each panelist faced and on relevant questions submitted by participants prior to the session. Participants will be able to attend two (2) 30-minute round table discussions. Participants will also be asked to indicate three of their most preferred tables. We will then assign participants to tables depending upon their preference and space available at a particular table. Each roundtable will host a maximum of 9 people plus a panelist.
Pre-registration is required for this workshop. Please contact the workshop organizer at with any questions. To register online, please visit The deadline to register online is July 1, 2017.
Search Terms: Ethnographic Methods | Organizational Ethnography | Qualitative Methods
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