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Session Type: PDW Workshop
Program Session: 347 | Submission: 14390 | Sponsor(s): (MOC, MED)
Scheduled: Saturday, Aug 5 2017 12:15PM - 2:15PM at Hyatt Regency Atlanta in Hanover Hall F
Teaching in the Rough
Teaching in the Rough

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Coordinator: Alex Bolinger, Idaho State U.
Coordinator: Aimee L. Hamilton, U. of Denver
Organizer: Ludvig Levasseur, PSL, U. of Paris, Dauphine, DRM, Management & Organisation
Facilitator: Vikas Anand, U. of Arkansas
Facilitator: Tyler Burch, Idaho State U.
Facilitator: Ethan Burris, The U. of Texas at Austin
Facilitator: Jennifer L. Eury, Pennsylvania State U.
Facilitator: Cynthia Fukami, U. of Denver
Facilitator: David A Hofmann, U. of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
Facilitator: Kathy Lund Dean, Gustavus Adolphus College
Facilitator: Kumaran Rajaram, Nanyang Technological U.
Facilitator: Pernille Rydén, Technical U. of Denmark
Facilitator: Sheli Sillito, Brigham Young U.
Facilitator: Kristian Johan Sund, Roskilde U.
Cognition is a central concern in organizations, and courses in management (e.g., organizational behavior, organizational theory, strategy, entrepreneurship) repeatedly deal with topics that involve understanding the cognition of individuals and groups (e.g., judgment, intuition, and decision making, learning, sense making, social construction and attributions, shared mental models, etc.). A challenge for instructors is to find exercises, activities, and methods for teaching about cognition such that students appreciate the challenges of making decisions, pursuing entrepreneurial opportunities, reaching shared understandings with others in groups, or crafting strategy “in the rough” (i.e., situated, in real-time, influenced by organizational politics and time constraints, emotions, identity, schemas, and other contextual influences or constraints). The purpose of this PDW is to bring together a group of instructors to share classroom-tested experiential exercises, activities, and lesson plans for teaching about cognition in the rough. The PDW will be conducted in two parts. First, all participants will join in a short (15 minutes) discussion session in which they will be invited to share questions and answers around teaching cognition. Second, the lengthier portion will be a “round-robin” workshop format, with each instructor stationed at a separate table. In 120 minutes, participants will have the opportunity to attend four different stations in which expert instructors provide an interactive, 22-minute explanation/demonstration of their exercise/activity/lesson. Thus, participants will have the opportunity to take home four unique activities or instructional ideas that they can use in their own classes.
Search Terms: teaching and learning | management education | cognition
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