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Session Type: PDW Workshop
Program Session: 98 | Submission: 12685 | Sponsor(s): (MED, GDO, IM, MC)
Scheduled: Friday, Aug 9 2019 10:00AM - 12:00PM at Sheraton Boston Hotel in Berkeley AB
Isms in Academia: Exploring how to Foster an Inclusive Culture Inside and Outside the Classroom
Isms in Academia
TeachingPracticeInternationalTheme: Understanding the Inclusive OrganizationResearchDiversity

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Organizer: Andri Georgiadou, Equality Inclusion Diversity (EQUIDY) Center
Organizer: Miguel R. Olivas-Lujan, Clarion U. of Pennsylvania
Distinguished Speaker: S Robert Hernandez, U. of Alabama, Birmingham
Distinguished Speaker: Kate Marie McCombs, Florida Atlantic U.
Distinguished Speaker: Regina F. Bento, U. of Baltimore
Discussant: Andrew Marcinko, Aston Business School
Discussant: Christine Nittrouer, U. of Houston-Downtown
Discussant: Christine Marie Manno, U. of Arkansas
Discussant: Dan Bumblauskas, U. of Northern Iowa
Facilitator: Dorothea Roumpi, Pennsylvania State U.
Discussant: Eugene Agboifo Ohu, Lagos Business School Pan Atlantic U. Nigeria
Discussant: Franklin Oikelome, Eastern U.
Discussant: Hyacinthe Michael Schwartz, Organizational Behavior Case Western Reserve U.
Facilitator: Jennifer Griffith, U. of New Hampshire
Discussant: Lesley Clack, U. of Georgia
Discussant: Mami Taniguchi, Waseda U.
Discussant: Maureen Andrade, Utah Valley U.
Discussant: Farrukh Moin, Tongji U.'s School of Economics and Management
Discussant: Rachael Goodwin, U. of Utah
Discussant: Rana Haq, Laurentian U.
Facilitator: Renée Smith-Maddox, U. of Southern California
Discussant: Samantha Dodson, U. of Utah, David Eccles School of Business
Discussant: Stacy Kratz, U. of Southern California
Facilitator: Stephanie L. Black, Texas A&M U., San Antonio
This PDW aims to foster a discussion about how to promote an inclusive culture inside and outside the classroom. The starting point of this discussion is the exploration of inclusion in academia from a broad range of different disciplines, geographical, and theoretical perspectives with the common aim of approaching ways for combating inequality and fostering diversity and inclusion.
Please send an email to the organizers describing your interests and expertise (highly preferred, but not required for attendance).
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