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Session Type: PDW Workshop
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Scheduled: Friday, Aug 10 2018 8:00AM - 10:00AM at Hyatt Regency Chicago in Gold Coast
Integrity Meets Creativity: Keeping Honest in Academic Writing
Honest & Creative Writing

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Moderator: Janet E. Salmons, Vision2Lead
Presenter: Nancy E. Day, Member & Ombuds Ethics Committee Chair
Presenter: Rebecca Wendy Frankel, Sage Publications
Presenter: Rachel McCullagh Balven, Arizona State U.
Academic writers must find a balance between presenting original work expressed in our own scholarly voices, and situating that work within the literature of the field. This classic challenge is made more difficult in the cut-and-paste digital age. The AOM Code of Ethics and guidelines for scholarly journals clearly discourage plagiarism. While it is essential to avoid plagiarism, this is a low standard for AOM members, who should be making significant contributions to the advancement of our field. This workshop will focus on promoting originality and honesty in research and writing. We will review intellectual property laws relating to copyright and image permissions that can trip up well-intentioned researchers who seek to publish their work. We will frame the discussion using the originality continuum (Salmons, 2007, in press that differentiates between writing that is unethical, such as plagiarized writing, and writing that is not only ethical, but creative and nuanced. After presenting this framework, small groups will engage in World Café activities to generate strategies for resolving dilemmas associated with academic honesty and originality. The PDW welcomes participation by editors, scholars, instructors, and students. It will serve the dual purpose of helping participants build confidence in their ability to present original thinking as well as providing guidance about how to aid students, co-authors, or contributors. This PDW will benefit individuals who are interested in developing their craft as writers as well as those oriented towards teaching in the management domain
This hands-on workshop will be valuable to students and instructors, book or journal editors, scholars and practitioners. All are welcome!
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