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Session Type: Showcase Symposium
Program Session: 1434 | Submission: 13129 | Sponsor(s): (MSR)
Scheduled: Monday, Aug 13 2018 4:45PM - 6:15PM at Marriott Chicago Downtown - Magnificent Mile in Chicago G
Special Issue: Innovative Research Methods in Management, Spirituality and Religion
Innovative Research in MSR

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Organizer: Orneita Burton, Abilene Christian U.
Organizer: Sunny Jeong, Wittenberg U.
Discussant: Kanti Mohan Saini, Mohanlal Sukhadia U.
Discussant: Benito Teehankee, De La Salle U., Manila, Philippines
Discussant: Tim Ewest, Houston Baptist U.
Discussant: Theodora Issa, Curtin U.
Panelist: Peter McGhee, Auckland U. of Technology
Panelist: Kent Miller, Michigan State U.
Panelist: Charles Thomas Tackney, Copenhagen Business School
Panelist: Leire San-Jose, U. of the Basque Country (UPV/EHU) ECRI & U. Huddersfield (UK)
Panelist: Joseph Petrosko, U. of Louisville
Panelist: Lasse Lychnell, Stockholm School of Economics
The purpose of this symposium is to engage researchers in a formal, moderated, interactive discussion of innovative research methods that support the domain of Management, Spirituality and Religion (MSR). The panel consists of authors whose work has been selected and published in a special issue of Innovative Research Methods published by Management Research Review (MRR). This special issue was proposed by the MSR Executive Committee to identify innovations in research methods that would ask questions of interest to the MSR community and advance the study of management, spirituality, and religion.
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