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Inclusive Innovation in Technology Entrepreneurship: What Is It and How Can We Study It?
Inclusive Innovation in Tech Entrepreneurship
PracticeTheme: 20/20: Broadening Our SightResearchDiversity

Chair: Ihsan Beezer, Rutgers Business School
Panelist: Jeffrey Robinson, Rutgers Business School
Panelist: Marcus Crews, Rutgers Business School
Panelist: John J. Sumanth, Wake Forest U.
Panelist: Joe Bradley, U. of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Panelist: Thema Monroe-White, Berry College-Campbell Sch. of Bus
Panelist: Ebony Omotola-McGee, Vanderbilt U. Peabody
According to the 2016 report by the Information Technology and Innovation Foundation entitled “The Demographics of Innovation in the United States”, only 12% of “U.S. innovators” are women, and only 8% are members of U.S. minority groups This report points to an increasingly important issue for entrepreneurship and innovation. Many would agree that the importance of including many skilled individuals in technological innovation is beneficial for firms, economies, and society; but how we do we change this dynamic? Surprisingly, little research has been conducted on the technology entrepreneurship aspect of inclusive innovation. This panel brings together leading scholars for an interactive session to discuss important issues, current initiatives, and a potential research agenda.
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