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Session Type: PDW Workshop
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Scheduled: Saturday, Aug 11 2018 3:30PM - 6:30PM at SwissĂ´tel Chicago in Zurich F,G
Behavioral Strategy IX
Behavioral Strategy
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Chair: Sheen S. Levine, U. of Texas at Dallas
Coordinator: Anne Rickelt, U. of St.Gallen
Speaker: Nicolai J. Foss, Bocconi U.
Speaker: Constance E Helfat, Dartmouth College
Speaker: Rebecca Rheinhardt Kehoe, Rutgers U.
Speaker: Adam M. Kleinbaum, Dartmouth College
Speaker: Shad S. Morris, Brigham Young U.
Speaker: Hart E. Posen, U. of Wisconsin, Madison
Speaker: Gabriel Szulanski, INSEAD
Management research revolves around firms and markets, operating at the macro- meso level. But even if our research often does not observe individuals and teams, it almost always requires assumptions about their behavior. The assumptions of neoclassical economics were once ubiquitous (and can still be found in the management literature), but as contradictory evidence accumulated, researchers have been endeavoring to find alternatives. Since 2010, Behavioral Strategy has been a forum for discussing behavior, attended by researchers of strategy, management, innovation, entrepreneurship, international business and related fields. Speakers and panelists come from the ranks of management researchers, but also from experimental and behavioral economics, social and cognitive psychology, theoretical biology, and even computer science and robotics. Over the years, Behavioral Strategy has become a popular workshop to learn about new research, receive critique on scholarly pursuits, and to partake in the development of realistic, parsimonious, and generalizable theories of behavior in organizations and markets.
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