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Session Type: PDW Workshop
Program Session: 118 | Submission: 10321 | Sponsor(s): (HR, CAR, OB)
Scheduled: Friday, Aug 10 2018 2:00PM - 4:00PM at Sheraton Grand Chicago in Sheraton Ballroom V
HR Research Roundtable Forum
HR Research Forum

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Chair: Emilija Djurdjevic, U. of Rhode Island
Chair: Allison S. Gabriel, U. of Arizona
Chair: Joel Koopman, Texas A & M U.
Organizer: Matthew Piszczek, Wayne State U.
Organizer: Philip L. Roth, Clemson U.
Presenter: Michal Biron, U. of Haifa
Presenter: Samantha A. Conroy, Colorado State U.
Presenter: Ingrid Fulmer, U. of South Australia
Presenter: Barry Gerhart, U. of Wisconsin, Madison
Presenter: Nina Gupta, U. of Arkansas
Presenter: Patrick F. McKay, Rutgers U.
Presenter: Sabrina DeeAnn Volpone, U. of Colorado Boulder
Presenter: Mo Wang, U. of Florida
Presenter: Frank A. Bosco, Virginia Commonwealth U.
Presenter: Dana B. Minbaeva, Copenhagen Business School
Presenter: Zhaoli Song, National U. of Singapore
Presenter: David Collings, Dublin City U.
Presenter: Denise Potosky, Pennsylvania State U., Great Valley
Presenter: Dennis Doverspike, Dennis Doverspike Consulting
Presenter: Murray R. Barrick, Texas A&M U.
Presenter: Joyce Bono, U. of Florida
Presenter: Maria Kraimer, U. of Oregon
Presenter: Christopher M. Berry, Indiana U.
Presenter: Jeremy M. Beus, Louisiana State U.
Presenter: David A Hofmann, U. of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
Presenter: Bard Kuvaas, BI Norwegian Business School
Presenter: Paul E Levy, U. of Akron
Presenter: Shuhua Sun, Tulane U.
Presenter: Christopher Collins, Cornell U.
Presenter: Jenna Renae Pieper, U. of Nebraska, Lincoln
Presenter: Brian W. Swider, U. of Florida
Presenter: Daniel Turban, U. of Missouri
Presenter: Thomas W. Lee, U. of Washington
Presenter: Jerel Slaughter, U. of Arizona
Presenter: John E. Delery, U. of Arkansas
Presenter: Kaifeng Jiang, Ohio State U.
Presenter: Rebecca Rheinhardt Kehoe, Rutgers U.
Presenter: Patrick Wright, U. of South Carolina
Presenter: Talya N. Bauer, Portland State U.
Presenter: John Kammeyer-Mueller, U. of Minnesota
Presenter: Wendy R Boswell, Texas A&M U.
Presenter: Anthony R. Wheeler, West Chester U. of Pennsylvania
Presenter: Ryan D. Zimmerman, Virginia Tech
The purpose of this PDW is to allow division members to participate in research discussions moderated by accomplished HR scholars, in addition to networking with newer scholars researching similar topics (e.g., junior faculty just beginning to navigate AOM). Attendees will self-select three areas of interest prior to attending the PDW session. The research themes span a range of 14 HR topics including: alternative work/work arrangements, compensation, diversity, HR analytics, international HRM, job analysis and design, leader development/executive coaching, legal issues, performance management, recruitment and job search, selection/staffing, strategic HR, socialization, and turnover/absenteeism/withdraw at work. Due to the combined expertise of our discussion leaders, we anticipate this will be a well-attended session wherein participants will have meaningful discussions with like-minded scholars.
Pre-registration is required for this session. To register online, please visit The deadline to register online is August 9, 2018.
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