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Session Type: PDW Workshop
Program Session: 214 | Submission: 10446 | Sponsor(s): (HR)
Scheduled: Saturday, Aug 11 2018 8:00AM - 5:30PM at Sheraton Grand Chicago in Superior A,B
HR Division Late PhD Consortium (Part 2)
Late PhD Consortium Part 2

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Organizer: Karin Sanders, UNSW Business School, Australia
Organizer: Stephen Hyrum Courtright, Texas A&M U.
Organizer: Bard Kuvaas, BI Norwegian Business School
Organizer: Timothy M. Gardner, Utah State U.
Organizer: Cody Jackson Reeves, Brigham Young U.
Organizer: Steven Charlier, Georgia Southern U.
Chair: Karin Sanders, UNSW Business School, Australia
Chair: Stephen Hyrum Courtright, Texas A&M U.
Distinguished Speaker: Sara L. Rynes, U. of Iowa
Participant: Amy Bartels, U. of Nebraska, Lincoln
Presenter: Deidra J. Schleicher, Iowa State U.
Participant: Daniel Goering, U. of Iowa
Participant: Felipe Guzman, IESEG School of Management
Participant: Troy Smith, U. of Nebraska, Lincoln
Participant: Michael Parke, London Business School
Participant: Maartje E. Schouten, Iowa State U.
Participant: Christopher M. Berry, Indiana U.
Participant: Dong Liu, Georgia Institute of Technology
Participant: Kai Chi Yam, National U. of Singapore
Participant: Cody Jackson Reeves, Brigham Young U.
Participant: Steven Charlier, Georgia Southern U.
Participant: Dana B. Minbaeva, Copenhagen Business School
Participant: Tobias Dennerlein, IESE Business School
Participant: David R. Peterson, James Madison U.
Participant: Matt Call, Texas A&M U., College Station
Participant: Jenny M. Hoobler, U. of Pretoria
Participant: Mel Fugate, unaffiliated
Participant: Bradley L. Kirkman, North Carolina State U.
Participant: Maria Kraimer, U. of Oregon
Participant: Elaine Farndale, Penn State U./ Tilburg U.
Participant: David G. Allen, Texas Christian U.
Participant: Howard Klein, Ohio State U.
Participant: James C. Hayton, Warwick Business School
Participant: Gilad Chen, U. of Maryland
Participant: Jason D. Shaw, Nanyang Technological U.
Participant: Yehuda Baruch, Southampton Business School, U. of Southampton
Participant: Talya N. Bauer, Portland State U.
Participant: Jeremy M. Beus, Louisiana State U.
Participant: Corine Boon, U. of Amsterdam
Participant: Wendy J. Casper, U. of Texas At Arlington
Participant: Jose M. Cortina, Virginia Commonwealth U.
Participant: Stephen Hyrum Courtright, Texas A&M U.
Participant: Deanne N. Den Hartog, U. of Amsterdam
Participant: Berrin Erdogan, Portland State U.
Participant: Aparna Joshi, Pennsylvania State U.
Participant: Tae-Youn Park, Vanderbilt U.
Participant: Karin Sanders, UNSW Business School, Australia
Participant: Bard Kuvaas, BI Norwegian Business School
Participant: Liang Jian, Tongji U.
Participant: Emma Parry, Cranfield U.
Participant: Deidra J. Schleicher, Iowa State U.
Participant: Jia Hu, Ohio State U.
The late PhD Doctoral Student Consortium will take place at the Academy of Management annual meetings in Chicago on Friday and Saturday August 10-11, 2018 Highlights of this year's Consortium include: * A free dinner and networking event on Friday, August 11th * A keynote address by Prof Sara L. Rynes (Professor Tippie-Rollins Chair in Excellence, University of Iowa) * A research feedback session with leading scholars in the field of HR * A variety of panels and discussions about surviving the dissertation process, getting published, effective teaching, managing the job search, and international job opportunities * A panel meeting with the major journal editors.
The ideal candidates are doctoral students who have finished coursework and are currently working on, but have not yet defended, their dissertations. There is no attendance fee, but pre-registration is required. To register, email the following to Dr. Stephen Courtright ( by June 1, 2018. *A nomination form (found here: endorsed and signed by your doctoral program. *A 1-2 page current CV with contact info., education, research/teaching interests, publications, and conference presentations for distribution to all attendees. Pre-registration is required for this session. To register online, please visit Please contact the workshop organizer to obtain the approval code. The deadline to register online is August 9, 2018.
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