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Session Type: PDW Workshop
Program Session: 207 | Submission: 10690 | Sponsor(s): (ENT, HCM)
Scheduled: Saturday, Aug 11 2018 8:00AM - 10:00AM at Hyatt Regency Chicago in Columbus AB
How Can We Successfully Adopt Biological and Clinical Approaches in Entrepreneurship Research?
Biology & Entrepreneurship
Theme: Improving LivesResearch

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Organizer: Isabella Hatak, U. of St. Gallen / U. of Twente
Organizer: Nicos Nicolaou, U. of Warwick
Organizer: Phillip Phan, Johns Hopkins U.
Organizer: Johan Wiklund, Syracuse U.
Presenter: Angelika Dimoka, Temple U.
Presenter: Martin Obschonka, Queensland U. of Technology
Presenter: Dean Shepherd, U. of Notre Dame
Presenter: Marcus Wolfe, U. of Oklahoma
Rapid scientific developments in areas such as genetics, medicine, and neuroscience bring exciting research opportunities for scholars in entrepreneurship. On the one hand, these developments offer opportunities for studying how deeply seated processes influence if and how people go about entrepreneurial endeavors, and on the other hand, they offer opportunities for studying how the engagement in entrepreneurship influences psychological and physiological functioning. Recent reviews show that biological (Houdek, 2017; Nicolaou & Shane, 2015; Nofal et al., 2018) and clinical approaches (Antshel, 2018; Wiklund et al., 2016) are increasingly making their way into entrepreneurship and management. These approaches have examined the role of genetics (Nicolaou et al., 2008), physiology (White et al., 2006), neuroscience (de Holan, 2014; Nicolaou & Shane, 2014) and neurodevelopmental disorders (Wiklund et al., 2016) in entrepreneurship. The recent reviews have also suggested that much more can and should be done in this area, and we agree. For example, models grounded in the idea that cognition, emotions, and behavior result from the interaction of nature (biology) and nurture (environment) provide the means of developing novel insights and theories in entrepreneurship. Likewise, how entrepreneurship can influence the implications and onset of mental health conditions can have extensive theoretical and practical implications. At the same time, adopting biological and clinical approaches in entrepreneurship research appears to be highly challenging. This PDW seeks to foster discussions on challenges and associated solutions, research questions, and suitable methodology, serving as the starting point for meaningful research at the intersection of entrepreneurship and biology.
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