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Session Type: PDW Workshop
Program Session: 242 | Submission: 10701 | Sponsor(s): (RM, MOC, OB)
Scheduled: Saturday, Aug 11 2018 8:00AM - 10:30AM at Sheraton Grand Chicago in Michigan A,B
What Were You Thinking?: Developing Cognitive Sensibilities for Inductive Coding
What Were You Thinking?

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Organizer: Emily Rosado-Solomon, Rutgers U.
Organizer: Njoke Thomas, The Wharton School, U. of Pennsylvania
Facilitator: W E Douglas Creed, U. of Rhode Island
Facilitator: Colin Muneo Fisher, U. College London
Facilitator: Sarah Kaplan, U. of Toronto
Facilitator: Davide Nicolini, U. of Warwick
Facilitator: E. Erin Powell, Clemson U.
Facilitator: Bess Rouse, Boston U. Questrom School of Business
Facilitator: Beth Schinoff, Boston College
The practice of inductively coding data can be daunting for newcomers to qualitative research. Few have the good fortune to train with a qualitatively-oriented mentor, most struggle to develop tacit knowledge of the coding process without the benefit of mentorship or training. The few prescriptive resources that are available introduce general strategies for coding, but do not explain the cognitive processes that are involved in executing these techniques. To address this lack of coding resources, this PDW features experienced qualitative scholars who will introduce their methods for analyzing qualitative data. Importantly, they will not only discuss how they code data, but will also explain their thought process, so participants can begin to develop the cognitive sensibilities necessary to examine data in their own projects. To facilitate the development of these cognitive skills, this PDW will involve an interactive component in which participants code text provided by the facilitating scholars, discuss their specific experiences coding, and receive feedback from the scholars about how to improve their coding skills in future work. Participation in this workshop requires advance registration and a brief pre-workshop coding exercise. To register for this workshop, please email (1) a brief description of your research interests and (2) a rank-ordered list of which facilitator's roundtable you'd like to join to The pre-registration code will be given on a first come, first served basis to applicants who submit both required pieces of information. The pre-workshop coding exercise will be distributed to registered participants in mid-late July.
Pre-registration is required for this session. To register online, please visit Please contact the workshop organizer to obtain the approval code. The deadline to register online is July 15, 2018.
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