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Session Type: PDW Workshop
Program Session: 313 | Submission: 10826 | Sponsor(s): (OB, SIM, CM, MOC)
Scheduled: Saturday, Aug 11 2018 10:45AM - 2:45PM at Sheraton Grand Chicago in Sheraton Ballroom II,III
Behavioral Ethics Research: A Third Annual Pecha Kucha Springboard and Networking Session
Behavioral Ethics Research

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Organizer: Niki Den Nieuwenboer, U. of Kansas
Organizer: Marie S. Mitchell, U. of Georgia
Organizer: Linda K Trevino, Pennsylvania State U.
Presenter: Bruce Avolio, U. of Washington
Presenter: Max H. Bazerman, Harvard U.
Presenter: Katherine Ann DeCelles, U. of Toronto
Presenter: Rellie Rachel Derfler, U. of Maryland
Presenter: Ryan Fehr, U. of Washington, Seattle
Presenter: Michael Pfarrer, U. of Georgia
Presenter: Marius Van Dijke, Erasmus U. Rotterdam
Discussant: Lamar Pierce, Washington U. in St. Louis
Discussant: Kristin Smith-Crowe, Boston U.
Discussant: Elizabeth Eve Umphress, U. of Washington
Participant: Jonathan Nicholas Bundy, Arizona State U.
Participant: Robert Folger, U. of Central Florida
Participant: Michele Joy Gelfand, U. of Maryland
Participant: Celia Moore, Bocconi U.
Participant: Tyler Gene Okimoto, U. of Queensland
Participant: Ann Tenbrunsel, U. of Notre Dame
Participant: Abhijeet K. Vadera, Singapore Management U.
Participant: Gary R Weaver, U. of Delaware
An unrelenting stream of business scandals has heightened interest in behavioral ethics research, which aims to understand the causes and consequences of (un)ethical behavior in organizations. Despite a growing literature, knowledge remains incomplete, suggesting a need for new approaches and considerations. To address this need, this PDW will provide a forum for building a research community and for fostering productive research discussions. Presentations will offer ideas on how to expand the literature and round table discussion will offer the opportunity to build connections among individuals interested in behavioral ethics research. This is the third rendition of this PDW. The PDW starts by stimulating research conversations through eight Pecha Kucha presentations; timed 5-minute presentations by prominent behavioral ethics scholars that showcase new ideas (e.g., (re-)defining what is “moral” in organizations, contextual influences on moral intuition, motivations for ethical behavior). This is followed by three behavioral ethics experts who will, based on the presentations, offer provoking questions to stimulate a plenary discussion between presenters and audience members. The second part of the PDW is a networking roundtable session where participants can engage in conversation and build research relationships. To accomplish this, carefully selected experts, two per table, will host ten subject-specific round tables on varied topics (e.g., ethical leadership in cross cultural settings, moral disengagement, dark and positive downstream effects of unethical behavior, behavioral ethics in extreme contexts, organizational wrongdoing, whistleblowing, observer perspectives of ethical events). We will end the PDW with a networking reception for all attendees.
Pre-registration is required for this session. To register online, please visit Please contact the workshop organizer to obtain the approval code. The deadline to register online is July 18, 2018.
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