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Session Type: PDW Workshop
Program Session: 361 | Submission: 11501 | Sponsor(s): (RM, MOC, OB, OMT)
Scheduled: Saturday, Aug 11 2018 1:15PM - 3:45PM at Sheraton Grand Chicago in Sheraton Ballroom I
Navigating Qualitative Dissertations: Advice from the Experts
Qualitative Dissertations

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Organizer: Nathan Tong, U. of Hartford
Organizer: Karim Ginena, U. of Virginia Darden School of Business
Organizer: Winnie Jiang, Yale School of Management
Facilitator: Blake E. Ashforth, Arizona State U.
Facilitator: Jean M. Bartunek, Boston College
Facilitator: Tammy Elizabeth Beck, U. of Nebraska, Lincoln
Facilitator: Marya Besharov, Cornell U.
Facilitator: Shelley Brickson, U. of Illinois at Chicago
Facilitator: Teresa Cardador, U. of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Facilitator: Curtis Kwinyen Chan, Boston College
Facilitator: Kevin G. Corley, Arizona State U.
Facilitator: Gail T. Fairhurst, U. of Cincinnati
Facilitator: Lyndon Earl Garrett, Boston College
Facilitator: Emily Dunham Heaphy, U. of Massachusetts Amherst
Facilitator: Elaine Cahalan Hollensbe, U. of Cincinnati
Facilitator: Shalini Khazanchi, Rochester Institute of Technology
Facilitator: Glen E. Kreiner, Pennsylvania State U.
Facilitator: Jamie Jocelyn Ladge, Northeastern U.
Facilitator: Kisha Lashley, U. of Virginia
Facilitator: Christi Lockwood, U. of Virginia - McIntire School of Commerce
Facilitator: Courtney R. Masterson, U. of San Francisco
Facilitator: Carrie Oelberger, U. of Minnesota
Facilitator: Tommaso Ramus, UCP - Católica Lisbon School of Business & Economics
Facilitator: Trish Reay, U. of Alberta
Facilitator: Erin Marie Reid, McMaster U.
Facilitator: Kevin W. Rockmann, George Mason U.
Facilitator: Kristie May Rogers, Marquette U.
Facilitator: Bess Rouse, Boston U. Questrom School of Business
Facilitator: Kira Franziska Schabram, U. of Washington
Facilitator: Beth Schinoff, Boston College
Facilitator: Scott Sonenshein, Rice U.
Facilitator: John Paul Stephens, Case Western Reserve U.
Facilitator: Heather Ciara Vough, U. of Cincinnati
Facilitator: A L. Cunliffe, Fundação Getulio Vargas - EAESP, Brazil
Facilitator: Katherine Ann DeCelles, U. of Toronto
The dissertation stage is a critical time in the development of a scholar’s research capabilities and her or his scholarly identity. Receiving sage advice, personalized guidance, and the opportunity to network with more senior scholars during this time provides a vital entry point into a community devoted to the advancement of high- quality research. Given that there is no “boilerplate” (Pratt, 2009) for qualitative research, doctoral students who have chosen to use qualitative methods for their research especially require tailored attention. In this PDW, students at all phases of the dissertation process— proposal, data collection, analysis, and defense—will be invited to receive personalized feedback from faculty facilitators on their study as well as career advice. Facilitators will include established scholars who have published qualitative research in top- tier journals and who have experience managing careers as qualitative researchers. Students will be matched with facilitators based on qualitative method, research interest, and/or level of analysis. In addition to practical guidance on methods, students will also have the opportunity to network with qualitative scholars.
Pre-registration is required for this session. To register online, please visit Please contact the workshop organizer to obtain the approval code. The deadline to register online is July 27, 2018.
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