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Session Type: PDW Workshop
Program Session: 481 | Submission: 12243 | Sponsor(s): (CAR, HR, STR)
Scheduled: Saturday, Aug 11 2018 6:00PM - 8:00PM at Sheraton Grand Chicago in Gold Coast
Research on Internal Labor Markets: Challenges and Opportunities
Research on ILMs

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Organizer: Winnie Jiang, Yale School of Management
Organizer: Evelyn Ying Zhang, U. of Toronto
Discussant: James N. Baron, Yale School of Management
Discussant: Peter Cappelli, U. of Pennsylvania
Presenter: Matthew James Bidwell, U. of Pennsylvania
Presenter: Isabel Fernandez-Mateo, London Business School
Presenter: Ming De Leung, U. of California, Riverside
Presenter: JR Keller, Cornell U.
This PDW aims to provide scholars with a deeper understanding of the challenges and opportunities in studying internal labor markets (ILMs) and intra-organizational mobility. Specifically, the PDW is organized to meet three goals: (1) to discuss how research on ILMs contributes to the broader literature on labor markets and career mobility; (2) to discuss the process of conducting research on ILMs, from idea conceptualization to publication; and (3) to inspire more research associated with ILMs. A growing body of research suggests that intra- organizational mobility represents an important source of value creation and retention (e.g., Bidwell, 2011; Bidwell, Briscoe, Fernandez-Mateo, & Sterling, 2013; Bidwell & Keller, 2014; Bidwell and Mollick, 2015; Cappelli and Keller, 2014; Keller, 2017). Notwithstanding the great practical and theoretical interests in the benefits of intra-organizational mobility at the organizational level, little is known about the processes and consequences associated with individuals’ intra-organizational job changes. By openly discussing the excitements, challenges, and helpful strategies in studying ILMs, we hope this PDW could encourage more and more scholars to develop theories associated with ILMs, foster discussions and collaborations, and eventually improve our understandings of the processes through which individual workers’ careers are facilitated, complicated, or constrained within organizations.
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