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Session Type: PDW Workshop
Program Session: 672 | Submission: 12541 | Sponsor(s): (AAT)
Scheduled: Sunday, Aug 12 2018 1:45PM - 3:45PM at Hyatt Regency Chicago in Columbus KL
Developing Organizational Research on Financial Precarity, Inequality, and Socio-economic Status
Economic & Social Inequality
Theme: Improving LivesResearchDiversity

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Organizer: Carrie R. Leana, U. of Pittsburgh
Organizer: Evan Gilbertson, U. of Pittsburgh
Organizer: Jirs Meuris, U. of Wisconsin-Madison
Facilitator: Paul S. Adler, U. of Southern California
Facilitator: Peter Belmi, U. of Virginia
Facilitator: Matthew James Bidwell, U. of Pennsylvania
Facilitator: Amy E. Colbert, U. of Iowa
Facilitator: Jerry L. Davis, U. of Michigan
Facilitator: Jennifer J. Kish-Gephart, U. of Arkansas
Facilitator: Michael W. Kraus, Yale School of Management
Facilitator: Sean Martin, U. of Virginia
Facilitator: Kathleen L. McGinn, Harvard U.
Facilitator: L Taylor Phillips, NYU Stern
Facilitator: Nicole Stephens, Northwestern U.
Facilitator: Sarah S M Townsend, U. of Southern California
The purpose of this Professional Development Workshop is to assist organization and management scholars in developing research that considers financial precarity, economic inequality, and/or socio- economic status (SES) in their study designs. The overall goal of the PDW is two-fold: (1) to encourage rigorous research on financial precarity, inequality and SES in organization science; and (2) to strengthen the community of organizational scholars with interest in these topics. To achieve these goals, the PDW will minimize presentations and maximize focused discussion built around the research interests of the participants. Public discourse surrounding rising inequality and financial precarity in society has intensified in recent years. Although these topics have been of interest to a variety of academic disciplines, organizational scholars have been relatively absent from the debates in this domain. However, there has been a recent resurgence of attention toward these important issues in many of the field’s top journals. In this PDW, our aim is to encourage both new research on these important topics and the community of organizational scholars with an interest in this domain by creating a context for sharing on-going research and emergent ideas. Many of the leaders of this renaissance in attention to the topics of economic inequality and precarity will serve as leaders for roundtable discussions. We will ask participants to submit a 1 to 2- page summary prior to registration for the PDW that describes a planned or on-going research project. Participants’ summaries will be provided to the Discussion Leaders to facilitate feedback on their current projects.
Pre-registration is required for this session. To register online, please visit Please contact the workshop organizer to obtain the approval code. The deadline to register online is August 9, 2018.
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