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Session Type: PDW Workshop
Program Session: 442 | Submission: 12569 | Sponsor(s): (STR, TIM)
Scheduled: Saturday, Aug 11 2018 4:15PM - 7:15PM at Swissôtel Chicago in Zurich A
Studying the Fast-moving Vehicle and Mobility Ecosystems
Reshaping Mobility Ecosystems
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Organizer: Michael G Jacobides, London Business School
Organizer: John Paul MacDuffie, U. of Pennsylvania
Speaker: Carliss Baldwin, Harvard U.
Speaker: Charles H. Fine, MIT Sloan School of Management
Speaker: Susan Helper, Case Western Reserve U.
Speaker: David R. Keith, MIT Sloan School of Management
Speaker: Jan M. W. N. Lepoutre, ESSEC Business School
Speaker: Melissa Schilling, New York U.
The transformation of the mobility sector -- encompassing the automotive sector and new entrants from the technology sector but also the providers of mobility services – has captured the attention of established incumbents, aspiring entrepreneurs, analysts/consultants, policy makers and activists. Mobility of individuals and goods underpins a key part of global GDP; provides livelihoods and boosts convenience and quality of life; generates externalities (e.g. congestion; greenhouse gas emissions; energy dependence; injuries/deaths); and affects us all daily. We focus on the disruptive aspects captured by industry acronym CASE, i.e., vehicles that are Connected, Autonomous, Shared, Electric. These illustrate “evergreen” themes that the members of the STR division know well, e.g., industry transformation, changing competitive context, alliance and repositioning but also highlight emerging research topics such as industry architecture, ecosystem evolution, and shifts in organizational structure and design. This PDW proposal brings together respected strategy scholars, researchers with extensive experience studying the automotive and mobility sectors, and industry executives and analysts. It is designed to generate dialogue that can help shape future research on ecosystems, the evolution/transformation of mobility, and how to navigate a time of disruptive technological change.
Please note that the full names of industry participants will be confirmed closer to the time. Researchers who wish to have their papers considered for the roundtables should pre-register and send them to the organizers ( or by June 15th. Pre-registration is required for this session. To register online, please visit The deadline to register online is August 9, 2018. If space is available, we will accommodate last-minute attendance till we reach room capacity. Please note that the meeting will end with a networking reception sponsored by Wharton's Programme for Mobility and Vehicle Innovation in an external venue to be confirmed closer to the time.
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