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Session Type: PDW Workshop
Program Session: 420 | Submission: 12683 | Sponsor(s): (ONE, OMT)
Scheduled: Saturday, Aug 11 2018 3:30PM - 5:00PM at Marriott Chicago Downtown - Magnificent Mile in Clark Marriott Ballroom
Creating Shared Value: Hogwash or Path to Sustainable Capitalism?
Debating Shared Value
PracticeTheme: Improving LivesResearch

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Participant: Robert Edward Freeman, U. of Virginia
Participant: Stuart Hart, U. of Vermont
Participant: Laura J. Spence, Royal Holloway, U. of London
Participant: Desiree F. Pacheco, Portland State U.
Participant: Sukhbir Kaur Sandhu, U. of South Australia
Organizer: Tracey Dodd, U. of Adelaide
Love it or loath it, capitalism is here to stay as the dominant economic system of our times. Scholars have long debated the impact of capitalism on the environment and society. For instance, Hart (1995) and Porter and Kramer (2011) argue that profits and protection of natural environment and social interests are mutually dependent. However, corporate scandals and environmental and societal harm in the pursuit of profit continue to be the bane of capitalism. Inspired by the AOM 2018 theme of Improving Lives, this PDW explores whether the environment and society must suffer for profit. Are Porter and Kramer (2011) right? Is there a way forward —a concept of creating shared value—in which the triple bottom line of profit, the planet, and people meet? Could new models of capitalism provide the way forward to right the wrongs of the past, restoring environmental degradation and improving community functioning? Will this grand challenge spur the next wave of innovation and entrepreneurship? Or is this all just a load of hogwash? PDW participants will have the opportunity to explore these questions with a panel of esteemed and emerging scholars. Through an interactive session, panel members will share their perspectives, highlight emerging research and practice priorities, and answer audience questions related to their own work, including papers under development.
Through this PDW participants will learn about emerging theoretical perspectives in shared value, as well as ideas for future research directions (both theorizing and empirical investigations). Participants will also have the opportunity to debate divergent perspectives and ask questions of an expert panel related to their own research. The balance of expert discussion and audience participation is designed to facilitate the development of new research ideas, and extend and enhance existing projects. Pre-registration is required for this session. To register online, please visit The deadline to register online is August 9, 2018.
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