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Session Type: PDW Workshop
Program Session: 135 | Submission: 12732 | Sponsor(s): (SAP, STR, OMT, MED)
Scheduled: Friday, Aug 10 2018 3:00PM - 6:30PM at Swissôtel Chicago in St. Gallen 1,2
Rhythms of Academic Life – Insights and Advice for Academic Scholars at All Career Stages
Rhythms of Academic Life
InternationalTheme: Improving Lives

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Organizer: David Oliver, U. Of Sydney
Organizer: Robert Phillip Wright, Hong Kong Polytechnic U.
Organizer: Katharina Dittrich, U. of Zurich
Presenter: Elena P. Antonacopoulou, U. of Liverpool
Presenter: Julia Balogun, U. of Liverpool
Presenter: Jon Billsberry, Deakin U.
Presenter: Bill Harley, U. of Melbourne
Presenter: Tine Koehler, U. of Melbourne
Presenter: Saku Mantere, McGill U.
Presenter: M. Susan Taylor, Leadership and Organizational Change
Facilitator: Laure Cabantous, Cass Business School, City, U. of London
Facilitator: Miriam Erez, Technion - Israel Institute of Technology
Facilitator: Cynthia Fukami, U. of Denver
Facilitator: Jean-Pascal Gond, Cass Business School, City U. London
Facilitator: M. Gloria Gonzalez-Morales, U. of Guelph
Facilitator: Robert E. Quinn, U. of Michigan
Facilitator: Linda Rouleau, HEC Montréal
Presenter: Sara L. Rynes, U. of Iowa
Facilitator: Stewart R. Clegg, U. of Technology, Sydney
Some 20 years ago, Frost and Taylor published the landmark book “Rhythms of Academic Life” (Frost and Taylor, 1996), which included over 50 chapters of personal accounts from leading management scholars on the changing world of academia. Although some of the fundamentals of academia remains unchanged (Argyris, 1976; Bartunek, Gordon, and Wathersby, 1983), much of the landscapes in which we must survive and compete has changed drastically (Bennis and O’Toole, 2005; Pfeffer and Fong, 2002; Walsh, 2011). A forthcoming 2019 Special Issue in Academy of Management Learning and Education (AMLE)is revisiting the issues from the original volume for contemporary academics. This multi- sponsored PDW is aimed at embracing these efforts to provide guidance to both new and more established scholars on the multiple aspects of their lives as academics in 2018 and onward. Part 1 (60mins) OPEN SESSION – Maximum audience size: 150 This session will include an open panel discussion from leading scholars on the broad topic of Career Rhythms and the similarities and differences of academic life since the 1996 volume. The panel will include some of the original contributors of the 1996 volume of “Rhythms of Academic Life”; Guest Editors of the forthcoming AMLE Special Issue; potential contributors to the Special Issue; along with established scholars from the SAP field. In essence, the panel will address how rhythms of academic life have changed, emerging trends for the future, and provide advice to scholars at different stages of their career, i.e., early career scholars (PhDs and post-docs), mid-career scholars and late-career scholars. Part 2 (120mins) PRE- REGISTRATION REQUIRED – Maximum audience size: 120 Part Two is designed to go into further detail in a more intimate and engaging manner so that every participant will have the opportunity to discuss first-hand, with senior scholars in regards key issues and challenges, success stories and lessons learned in being an academic in today’s highly competitive academic landscapes. We are proposing eight roundtables (with two facilitators at each table) at which participants will have the opportunity to discuss specific assigned topics in 30mins (each). The themes include: 1) Meaning and academic work: becoming who we really are, 2) The challenges of globalizing academia: how to manage a global career; 3) The job market: how to approach and think about the job market with the end in mind; 4) The stress of academia: how to find a work-life balance in academia that works for you; 5) English as the main academic language: how to manage if it is not your mother tongue; 6) The rise of research ethics: what are the implications of the rising number of ethical breaches; 7) After tenure: Redefining one’s career and taking sabbaticals for renewal; and 8) Becoming a department chair, dean or administrator.
Pre-registration is required for this session. To register online, please visit Please contact to obtain the registration code.The deadline to register online is August 9, 2018.
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