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Session Type: Symposium
Program Session: 1045 | Submission: 14143 | Sponsor(s): (STR, ENT, OMT)
Scheduled: Monday, Aug 13 2018 9:45AM - 11:15AM at SwissĂ´tel Chicago in Lucerne III
Entrepreneurial Strategy as Theory, Hypothesis and Experiment: Toward a Methodology and Protocol
Entrepreneurial Theory

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Presenter: Arnaldo Camuffo, Bocconi U.
Presenter: Teppo Felin, U. of Oxford
Presenter: Alfonso Gambardella, Bocconi U.
Presenter: Scott Stern, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Presenter: Todd Zenger, U. of Utah, David Eccles School of Business
In this panel symposium we discuss entrepreneurial strategy as a form of theorizing, hypothesis generation and experimentation. Recent scholarship has argued that entrepreneurs and strategists can fruitfully be seen as engaging in a form of theorizing and experimentation that is similar to theorizing and experimentation in the sciences. We first discuss the nature and forms of this entrepreneurial or strategic theorizing and experimenting, including its similarities and differences with theorizing and experimenting in the sciences. We also discuss the organizational (e.g., governance and design-related), social and economic aspects of entrepreneurial theorizing and experimentation. Most importantly, with this symposium we seek to develop and discuss an emergent methodology or protocol for both measuring and teaching this entrepreneurial theorizing and experimentation process and activity. Thus the overall ambition of this panel is to propose and move toward a unified methodology and rigorous protocol for researching and teaching entrepreneurial strategy as a form of scientific theorizing and experimentation.
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