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Session Type: PDW Workshop
Program Session: 181 | Submission: 14202 | Sponsor(s): (CMS, OMT)
Scheduled: Friday, Aug 10 2018 6:00PM - 7:30PM at Hyatt Regency Chicago in Picasso
Transforming Organizations from the Perspective of Transgressive Bodies
Transgressive Bodies
Theme: Improving LivesDiversity

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Chair: Eline Jammaers, Hasselt U.
Organizer: Laura Dobusch, Radboud U.
Organizer: Koen Van Laer, Hasselt U.
Discussant: Alison Pullen, Macquarie U.
Discussant: Katie R. Sullivan, U. of Colorado Colorado Springs
Presenter: Nanna Mik-Meyer, Copenhagen Business School
Presenter: Nick Rumens, Middlesex U. London
Presenter: Kathleen Riach, Monash U.
This proposed workshop offers participants a widely neglected perspective on ‘bodies at work’. While there is currently increasing attention for corporeality and embodiment in management and organisation studies (e.g. Cunliffe & Coupland, 2012; Wolkowitz, 2006), this PDW approaches the ‘corporeal turn’ from an unorthodox angle. Rather than focusing on the organizational normalization and promotion of idealized bodies, this workshop takes as a starting point bodies that are deemed (too) different. In particular, we propose to approach bodies perceived as nonconforming, deviant, irritating or even disturbing as both transgressive and transformative forces. These are bodies that are unable to remain invisible in the workplace, and thereby make apparent the processes through which bodies are normalized and ‘normal’ bodies are made invisible. Moreover, through their visibility, they ‘circulate through and unsettle any system of being, they conduct the transformative forces of becoming’ (Shildrick 2015: 24). Thereby, these transgressive bodies open up a whole untapped avenue for considering corporeality, embodiment and bodily agency as an undervalued potential for resistant and emancipatory practices as well as for adjusting and re-designing the organizing of work as such. This PDW is structured in three sections: short presentations illustrating current work on how transgressive bodies become visible in organizations and can be a source for transformative change; discussions in small work groups where participants exchange ideas on what the presenters’ approaches and the general idea of ‘transgressive bodies’ can add to their own research projects; and a plenary session that reflects more broadly on the role of nonconforming, deviating bodies in management theory and practice.
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