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Session Type: PDW Workshop
Program Session: 108 | Submission: 14552 | Sponsor(s): (IM, STR, INDAM, ITC, MED, PTC, TIM, ODC)
Scheduled: Friday, Aug 10 2018 1:00PM - 3:30PM at Hyatt Regency Chicago in Columbus IJ
Pathways to Impact: Enabling Your Research to Influence Practice
Pathways to Impact
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Chair: Charles Dhanaraj, Fox School of Business, Temple U.
Chair: Tarun Khanna, Harvard U.
Presenter: Sea Jin Chang, National U. of Singapore
Presenter: Albrecht Enders, IMD International
Presenter: Mansour Javidan, Thunderbird School of Global Management at ASU
Presenter: Prashant Kale, Rice U.
Presenter: Anand Narasimhan, IMD
Presenter: Seung Ho Park, Willamette U.
Presenter: Harbir Singh, U. of Pennsylvania
Presenter: Anthony Goerzen, Queen's U.
Presenter: Suzanne De Treville, U. of Lausanne
Presenter: Andreas Sebastian Konig, U. of Passau
TARGET AUDIENCE: The workshop is aimed at two specific target segments within business school faculy: (1) mid-career scholars who are seriously thinking of how to develop an impactful career and are keen to engage in a meaningful conversation with experienced and peer faculty; and (2) senior faculty leaders, who are department chairs, associate deans, and program leaders who are interested in developing specific programs to expand the impact of faculty research on real world. CONTEXT: Business schools have to demonstrate real impact on the practice of business and public policy. With the cost of research steadily increasing, an uneasy perception prevails that much of the research is getting disconnected from the real world, and worse, that the pressing business issues remain unaddressed. Academic journals, across disciplines, have been debating this issue, often framing it as a tension between rigor and relevance. Framework: Our earlier work suggested four major steps to address issue: (1) Grounding research problems on critical challenges - both latent and explicit- in the field through engaged scholarship (Van de Van, 2017); (2) Accelerating the flow of ideas from researchers to managers by encouraging integrative and interdisciplinary; (3) Enabling researchers to develop a "point of view" on their research phenomenon, so that they can effectively communicate the new insights for effective implementation; and (4) Engaging "design thinking" in generating and framing research problems by involving senior executives and field work and experiments. The workshop will provide a forum to help scholars and leaders explore through dialogs some fruitful ways to move the impact curve up for themselves and for their institutions.
Pre-registration is required for this session. To register online, please visit The deadline to register online is July 31, 2018. Participants of the workshop will be invited to a sponsored dinner. You will receive the details after registration.
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