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Session Type: PDW Workshop
Program Session: 276 | Submission: 14706 | Sponsor(s): (CAR, HR)
Scheduled: Saturday, Aug 11 2018 9:00AM - 12:30PM at Sheraton Grand Chicago in Mayfair
CAR Doctoral Consortium
CAR Doctoral Consortium

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Chair: Fida Afiouni, American U. of Beirut
Chair: Richard Cotton, U. of Victoria
Chair: Ariane Froidevaux, U. of Florida
Organizer: Fida Afiouni, American U. of Beirut
Organizer: Richard Cotton, U. of Victoria
Organizer: Ariane Froidevaux, U. of Florida
Speaker: Julia Richardson, Curtin U.
Facilitator: Evgenia Lysova, Vrije U. Amsterdam
Speaker: Mila Borislavova Lazarova, Simon Fraser U.
Facilitator: Jos Akkermans, Vrije U. Amsterdam
Speaker: Anders Dysvik, BI Norwegian Business School
Facilitator: Richard Cotton, U. of Victoria
Speaker: Ryan Lee Klinger, Old Dominion U.
Facilitator: Ariane Froidevaux, U. of Florida
Speaker: Leisa Deborah Sargent, UNSW Australia
Facilitator: Yan Shen, U. of Victoria
Speaker: Beatrice Van Der Heijden, Radboud U. Nijmegen
Facilitator: Serge P. Da Motta Veiga, American U.
Panelist: Mo Wang, U. of Florida
Panelist: Nicky Dries, KU Leuven
Panelist: Peter Heslin, UNSW Sydney
Panelist: Barbara S. Lawrence, U. of California, Los Angeles
Panelist: Audrey Murrell, U. of Pittsburgh
Doctoral students are often faced with multiple unfamiliar challenges. The PhD process can be demanding and overwhelming and very often students are expected to navigate these challenging issues themselves. Building a support network and effective strategies to manage this demanding process can be critical to these students’ future academic and career success. This year’s “CAR Doctoral Consortium” will provide a forum for early to mid- stage doctoral students to meet, connect, and learn from each other informally, from guest speakers, and from a panel of distinguished career scholars on a number of useful and relevant topics. Our aim is to bring together scholars from a broad range of cultures and institutions that mirror the diversity of the CAR membership. Our speakers are a group of distinguished senior as well as junior international faculty. They will share insights on the following six topics: (1) Low hanging fruit: Making the most of AOM Annual Meetings; (2) Surviving: Accessing and leveraging formal and informal resources during your doctoral program; (3) Thriving: Recruiting mentors and collaborators for your network; (4) Make it happen: Effectively navigating the dissertation process; (5) Head of the class: Preparing for your first course assignment and teaching role; (6) Balancing act: How to juggle demands of academic life during your doctoral program and beyond. Moreover, the PDW will conclude with a 1 hour panel discussion with highly published career scholars along this year’s AOM theme of “improving lives”.
Pre-registration is required for this session. To register online, please visit The deadline to register online is August 8, 2018.
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