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Session Type: PDW Workshop
Program Session: 137 | Submission: 15424 | Sponsor(s): (AFAM, D&ITC, GDO, ITC)
Scheduled: Friday, Aug 10 2018 3:30PM - 5:00PM at Sheraton Grand Chicago in Erie
Challenges of Conducting Research in Africa: Data Integrity, Security & Governmental Collaborations
Conducting Research in Africa
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Organizer: Michelle Amy Montague-Mfuni, PhD student at U. of Memphis
Organizer: Shavonne Ekeledo, Benedictine U.
Organizer: Marcus McChristian, Indiana Institute of Technology (Indiana Tech)
Organizer: Konjit Gudeta, Addis Ababa U.
Presenter: Alex Bignotti, U. of Pretoria
Presenter: Brett Gilbert, American U.
Presenter: Hermann Ndofor, Indiana U., Indianapolis
Presenter: dt ogilvie, Rochester Institute of Technology
Presenter: Marloes Van Engen, Tilburg U.
Although Africa is the second largest continent in the world, there is a tremendous gap in research capacity when compared to the rest of the world. This professional development workshop (PDW) proposal looks at three critical challenges to conducting research within Africa: data integrity and collection, personal security, and lack of governmental collaboration. The purpose of the proposal is to utilize a roundtable of students and faculty to explore and identify resolutions which will minimize the aforementioned challenges while promoting research within Africa. The proposed solution framework discussed in the PDW can provide suggestions and guidance to enable future scholarly work that is fully reflective of management issues in our global society.
Pre-registration is required for this session. To register online, please visit The deadline to register online is August 9, 2018. The AoM community desires to ensure that scholarly contributions are representative of all societies within the world. This PDW aims to address the research gap between Africa and the remainder of the world.
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