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Session Type: PDW Workshop
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Scheduled: Saturday, Aug 10 2019 9:45AM - 11:15AM at Boston Hynes Convention Center in 204
Developing Stigma Research: Exploring How Our “Lenses” Affect Our Research
Developing Stigma Research

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Organizer: Evelyn Rita Micelotta, U. of New Mexico
Organizer: Christian E. Hampel, Imperial College London
Organizer: Kam Phung, York U., Canada
Organizer: Karen Diane Walker Patterson, U. of New Mexico
Facilitator: Tina Dacin, Queen's U.
Facilitator: Cynthia E. Devers, Texas A&M U., College Station
Facilitator: Wesley Helms, Brock U.
Facilitator: Bryant A. Hudson, IÉSEG School of Management
Facilitator: Glen E. Kreiner, Pennsylvania State U.
Facilitator: Kisha Lashley, U. of Virginia
Facilitator: Yuri Mishina, Imperial College London
Facilitator: Alessandro Piazza, Rice U.
Facilitator: Thomas J. Roulet, U. of Cambridge
Facilitator: Paul Tracey, U. of Cambridge
Facilitator: Marvin Washington, U. of Alberta
Building on our previous PDWs, this PDW aims to help researchers to develop their research projects about stigma and identify opportunities for research. Particularly, we hope to contribute to a better understanding of stigma’s role in influencing identities, organizations, professions, and fields. Overall, this PDW consists of three components: (1) an introduction that defines the topic and provides an overview of recent work. (2) Thematic roundtables, each facilitated by 2-3 well-known scholars, which will also focus upon “challenges” that researchers are experiencing in positioning, conceptualizing, and publishing their work. Roundtables will last 60 minutes and have a maximum of 6 participants per table. Finally, there will be (3) a panel in which four prominent experts, Cynthia Devers, Bryant Hudson, Glen Kreiner, and Paul Tracey, will present their reflections on how their theoretical lenses shape their topics, methods, and findings on stigmatized actors. The organizers will then facilitate a discussion on how our lenses and empirical choices as researchers shape, or should shape, our research, before opening the discussion to the group.
You need to pre-register for this PDW. Please contact the workshop organizers at to obtain the approval code. To pre-register you need to submit a 1-2 page document with an abstract of a project and a challenge statement that outlines the issue that you would like to discuss at your roundtable. The deadline to register online is August 2, 2019.
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