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Session Type: PDW Workshop
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Scheduled: Saturday, Aug 10 2019 3:15PM - 4:45PM at Sheraton Boston Hotel in Gardner AB
“Hot Topics” in Health Care Management: Research Roundtables
“Hot Topics” in Health Care Management

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Organizer: Timothy Hoff, Northeastern U.
Organizer: Laura McClelland, Virginia Commonwealth U.
Organizer: Ingrid Nembhard, The Wharton School, U. of Pennsylvania
Organizer: Amber Stephenson, The David D. Reh School of Business, Clarkson U.
Organizer: Maike Vanessa Tietschert, Stanford U.
Facilitator: Ariel Avgar, Cornell U., ILR School
Facilitator: Yvonne Brunetto, Southern Cross U.
Facilitator: Sandra Catherine Buttigieg, U. of Malta
Facilitator: Thomas D'Aunno, New York U.
Facilitator: Samer Faraj, McGill U.
Facilitator: Jody Hoffer Gittell, Brandeis U.
Facilitator: Larry R. Hearld, U. of Alabama, Birmingham
Facilitator: Timothy Hoff, Northeastern U.
Facilitator: Tal Katz-Navon, Arison School of Business, The Interdisciplinary Center (IDC), Israel
Facilitator: Laura McClelland, Virginia Commonwealth U.
Facilitator: Hector P. Rodriguez, UC Berkeley
Facilitator: Sara Singer, Stanford U.
Facilitator: Kathleen M. Sutcliffe, Johns Hopkins U.
Facilitator: Robert J Weech-Maldonado, U. of Alabama, Birmingham
As the health care industry undergoes dramatic shifts in response to changes in population needs, policy reform, fiscal constraints and technological developments, the need for more research on key topics has become apparent. This PDW invites participants to engage in discussion of seven of the “hot topics” in health care management research and practice: 1) the changing nature of work, 2) safety organizing, 3) customer/client experience and satisfaction, 4) collaboration and integration, 5) cross-cultural research, 6) big data analysis, and 7) gaining insights from small data. Participants will gather at “research roundtables” where they will meet other researchers who share similar interests and discuss with them the state of research on their shared topic, challenges in conducting research on this topic, and future research, for examples. Discussion at each roundtable will be facilitated by two accomplished scholars, with active research on the hot topic. Participants will self-select into the topic area of their choice and have the option to move to a second topic/table at the midpoint of the session. This PDW offers participants the opportunity to engage in rich research discussions, share new ideas, and make meaningful connections with potential collaborators.
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