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Session Type: PDW Workshop
Program Session: 273 | Submission: 12658 | Sponsor(s): (HCM)
Scheduled: Saturday, Aug 10 2019 8:00AM - 9:30AM at Sheraton Boston Hotel in Independence West
HCM Teaching Incubator: Becoming More Effective Instructors
HCM Teaching Incubator

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Organizer: Patrick Shay, Trinity U.
Moderator: Cheryl Rathert, Virginia Commonwealth U.
Moderator: Tracy Hopkins Porter, Cleveland State U.
Facilitator: Lihua Dishman, A. T. Still U.
Facilitator: Cathleen O. Erwin, Auburn U.
Facilitator: Naleef Fareed, Ohio State U.
Facilitator: Eric W. Ford, U. of Alabama, Birmingham
Facilitator: Kristine Ria Hearld, U. of Alabama, Birmingham
Facilitator: Timothy Huerta, Ohio State U.
Facilitator: Jami Leanne DelliFraine, Medical U. of South Carolina
Facilitator: Amy Yarbrough Landry, U. of Alabama, Birmingham
Facilitator: Ricky Leung, U. at Albany, State U. of New York
Facilitator: Peter F. Martelli, Suffolk U.
Facilitator: Deirdre McCaughey, U. of Calgary
Facilitator: Laura McClelland, Virginia Commonwealth U.
Facilitator: Nir Menachemi, Indiana U.
Facilitator: Deborah M. Mullen, U. of Tennessee, Chattanooga
Facilitator: Stephen O'Connor, U. of Alabama, Birmingham
Facilitator: Victoria Parker, U. of New Hampshire
Facilitator: Nitish Patidar, Quinnipiac U.
Facilitator: Geoffrey Silvera, Auburn U.
Facilitator: Timothy J. Vogus, Vanderbilt U.
Facilitator: Eric S. Williams, U. of Alabama
The purpose of this PDW is to provide a forum and foster a community in which health care management scholars can discuss pertinent issues about teaching, from common questions and challenges that educators confront to helpful practices, tips, and ideas to becoming more effective instructors. The PDW will be conducted as a rotating series of interactive round table discussions, with participants receiving advice and helpful guidance on challenges and issues confronted in a range of educational settings. Each round table will focus on a specific theme and include two to three assigned "teaching mentors" who can provide expert guidance and feedback on topics relating to a variety of themes, such as: course organization; creative teaching methods; and, issues relating to teaching doctoral students, instructing online courses, or developing new courses, among others.
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