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Session Type: PDW Workshop
Program Session: 344 | Submission: 12934 | Sponsor(s): (HCM)
Scheduled: Saturday, Aug 10 2019 9:45AM - 11:45AM at Sheraton Boston Hotel in Independence West
HCM Research Incubator: Research in the Rough
HCM Research Incubator

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Organizer: Ingrid Nembhard, The Wharton School, U. of Pennsylvania
Organizer: Laura McClelland, Virginia Commonwealth U.
Organizer: Olena Mazurenko, Indiana U.
Facilitator: Ariel Avgar, Cornell U., ILR School
Facilitator: Emmeline Chuang, U. of California, Los Angeles
Facilitator: Thomas D'Aunno, New York U.
Facilitator: Mattia J. Gilmartin, New York U.
Facilitator: Karen Golden-Biddle, Boston U.
Facilitator: Elizabeth Goodrick, Florida Atlantic U.
Facilitator: Larry R. Hearld, U. of Alabama, Birmingham
Facilitator: Timothy Hoff, Northeastern U.
Facilitator: Timothy Huerta, Ohio State U.
Facilitator: Kimberley Roussin Isett, Biden School, U. of Delaware
Facilitator: L Michele Issel, U. of North Carolina, Charlotte
Facilitator: Jami Leanne DelliFraine, Medical U. of South Carolina
Facilitator: Tal Katz-Navon, Arison School of Business, The Interdisciplinary Center (IDC), Israel
Facilitator: Ann Scheck McAlearney, Ohio State U.
Facilitator: Nir Menachemi, Indiana U.
Facilitator: Victoria Parker, U. of New Hampshire
Facilitator: Pavani Rangachari, Augusta U.
Facilitator: Cheryl Rathert, Virginia Commonwealth U.
Facilitator: Trish Reay, U. of Alberta
Facilitator: Peter Rivard, Suffolk U.
Facilitator: Grant T. Savage, U. of Alabama, Birmingham
Facilitator: Patrick Shay, Trinity U.
Facilitator: Sara Singer, Stanford U.
Facilitator: Kathleen M. Sutcliffe, Johns Hopkins U.
Facilitator: Michal Tamuz, Health Services Researcher
Facilitator: Joshua Ryan Vest, Indiana U., Indianapolis
Facilitator: Timothy J. Vogus, Vanderbilt U.
Facilitator: Robert J Weech-Maldonado, U. of Alabama, Birmingham
Facilitator: Eric S. Williams, U. of Alabama
The goal of this professional development workshop is to provide a session in which attendees receive constructive feedback and advice on health care management related research projects that are in progress, but not ready for journal submission. Projects may range from early conceptual stages to later stages (i.e. writing a manuscript). Participants will receive feedback, in a collegial setting, from health care management researchers in the field on key issues attendees are facing in their projects. Participants will be matched with 4 research mentors based on the nature of their research project and the expertise of our esteemed panel. Each participant will discuss their research projects with each of their assigned mentors, rotating in timed increments.
All attendees must submit an application by July 1, 2019. To submit an application, go here: Applicants will be notified no later than July 12, 2019 if they have been accepted and should register for this session by July 27, 2019. Questions? Contact: Please contact the session organizer to obtain the approval code.
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