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Session Type: Symposium
Program Session: 2127 | Submission: 14568 | Sponsor(s): (MOC, TIM, OMT)
Scheduled: Tuesday, Aug 13 2019 3:00PM - 4:30PM at Westin Copley Place Boston in Essex Center
A Conversation on the Intersections of Cognition and Innovation
The Intersections of Cognition and Innovation

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Participant: Robert Galavan, Maynooth U.
Participant: Stefano Brusoni, ETH Zurich
Participant: Mary Tripsas, Boston College
Participant: Daniella Laureiro Martinez, ETH Zurich
Participant: Rhonda K. Reger, U. of Missouri
Participant: Yuliya Snihur, Toulouse Business School
We invite you to join an interactive discussion where panelists present and engage with the audience on a wide range of interesting topics that emerge at the intersections of individual & social Cognition and Innovation. The neuroscientist, Daniella Laureiro, will discuss how affective states of anxiety and fear intrude on the processes of exploration. Stefano Brusoni will help us move beyond seeing AI as a race to overtake human intelligence, and will advance our understanding by exploring the emerging patterns of cooperation and competition between different types of intelligence. Rhonda Reger will reach beyond our often self-imposed boundaries in social science to reject small brain models of human cognition and urge us to embrace big brain approaches that utilize disciplined imagination often found in art, literature, music, architecture, dance. Yuliya Snihur, will help researchers uncover how longitudinal studies and examination of interactions between different actors now leave more traces for researchers to follow than ever before; but with a warning that this data does not substitute the art of theory development. Finally, Mary Tripsas will bring us on a journey from music synthesisers to air taxis to illustrate the development of shared meaning and collective identity, and how they influence the emergence of an industry.
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