Session Type: PDW Workshop
Program Session: 11 | Submission: 11412 | Sponsor(s): (OSCM)
Virtual session type: Real-time Open
OSCM Joint Doctoral Student & Junior Faculty Consortium
OSCM Doctoral Student & Junior Faculty Consortium
InternationalTheme: 20/20: Broadening Our SightResearchDiversity

Coordinator: Desiree Van Dun, U. of Twente
Digital Session Chair: John R. MacDonald, Colorado State U.
The primary focus of the annual OSCM Division Joint Doctoral Student & Junior Faculty consortium involves an intensive research incubator session for doctoral students and junior faculty. After a brief welcome, we split up in small virtual breakout rooms, where doctoral students are asked to give a short (15 minute) presentation about their research proposal to a panel of senior and junior faculty who then provide feedback and guidance on each proposal. Subsequently, another doctoral student or junior faculty will have an opportunity to present their research programs describing how they are extending their dissertation research and/or starting new research streams. The doctoral students are expected to ask questions and learn about building a research identity. In addition to the research incubator session, this edition we also host a special “Learning from the Giants” session with Prof. Dr. Mark Pagell who will share his publication experiences and engage in Q&A with the participants. Note that this event required pre-registration before the 17th of June 2020. We warmly welcome those who have registered in time to this exciting and highly engaging session. Those who are interested to participate during next year’s AOM conference, are advised to keep a close look at our division’s website:
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