Session Type: PDW Workshop
Program Session: 13 | Submission: 12788 | Sponsor(s): (STR)
Virtual session type: Real-time Open
Strategic Management Division (STR) Dissertation Consortium Part 1
STR Dissertation Consortium

Digital Session Chair: Catherine Magelssen, London Business School
Organizer: Luis Ballesteros, George Washington U.
Distinguished Speaker: Theresa Cho, Seoul National U.
Distinguished Speaker: Ilya Cuypers, Singapore Management U.
Distinguished Speaker: Andrew Delios, National U. of Singapore
Distinguished Speaker: J.P. Eggers, New York U.
Distinguished Speaker: Javier Gimeno, INSEAD
Distinguished Speaker: Ha Hoang, ESSEC Business School
Distinguished Speaker: Suresh B Kotha, U. of Washington, Seattle
Distinguished Speaker: Elena Kulchina, North Carolina State U.
Distinguished Speaker: Dennis A. Yao, Harvard U.
The STR Division will sponsor the Dissertation Consortium during the pre-conference period of the 2020 Annual Meeting of the Academy of Management in Vancouver. The consortium is intended for PhD candidates who will be on the job market during the 2020-2021 academic year (i.e., for jobs beginning in Fall 2021). The main focus of the 2020 Dissertation Consortium will be on providing participating students with an opportunity to discuss their job market papers in small groups with distinguished faculty and peers. Catherine Magelssen (London Business School) and Luis Ballesteros (George Washington University) are the co-chairs for the 2020 Dissertation Consortium, and panelists include Theresa Cho (Seoul National University), Ilya Cuypers (Singapore Management University), Andrew Delios (National University of Singapore), JP Eggers (NYU), Javier Gimeno (INSEAD), Ha Hoang (ESSEC), Suresh Kotha (University of Washington), Elena Kulchina (NC State), and Dennis Yao (Harvard Business School).
Interested PhD candidates should apply by May 31st via the following website: Session is by invitation only. The session organizer will provide the approval code for registration.
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