Session Type: PDW Workshop
Program Session: 2 | Submission: 19935 | Sponsor(s): (GDO, IM)
Virtual session type: Real-time Open
Global Connections: GDO Broadening the AOM Experience for Emerging International Members
GDO & Emerging International Members
InternationalTheme: 20/20: Broadening Our SightResearchDiversity

Digital Session Chair: Anna Katherine Ward, Virginia Tech
Organizer: Doyin Atewologun, Cranfield School of Management
Organizer: Alison Sheridan, U. of New England
Panelist: Afra Saeed Ahmad, George Mason U.
Panelist: Sandra Catherine Buttigieg, U. of Malta
Panelist: Nasima Mohamed Hoosen Carrim, GDO
Panelist: Charlotte M. Karam, American U. of Beirut
Panelist: Payal Kumar, BML Munjal U.
Our broad goal is to connect and integrate emerging international members - scholars from emerging economies (e.g., South Africa, India) and other geographies where our GDO membership is underrepresented (e.g., Latin America, Eastern Europe, Middle East, Oceania). The GDO’s Global Ambassadors will partner with AOM sister organizations to identify and recruit Management scholars around the world to take part in our PDW. Participants will be matched with mentors who will help them feel more integrated at the conference and more confident in their future AOM paper development efforts. Five panelists with connections to/in underrepresented/emerging economies will present ideas and facilitate roundtable discussion on overcoming outsider status at AOM and developing high-quality conference submissions. In alignment with AOM’s four driving goals, our PDW aims to (1) connect and integrate members of the global management/organization community who might otherwise be overlooked at AOM, (2) enhance the diversity of the membership to which AOM provides indispensable value, (3) advance knowledge relevant to an even more diverse set of stakeholders/institutions around the world, and (4) enhance AOM’s standing as a globally-led association. Key takeaways to participants of the PDW include stronger (1) connection to and integration within the GDO community, and (2) honing of paper development skills, making future AOM attendance more likely.
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