Session Type: PDW Workshop
Program Session: 3 | Submission: 10132 | Sponsor(s): (OMT, OB, RM, MH)
Virtual session type: Synchronous Live Open
Scheduled: Friday, Jul 30 2021 4:00AM - 7:30AM ET (UTC-4)
Studying Lived Experiences: Phenomenological Methodologies for Institutionalist Inquiry
Phenomenological methodologies

Organizer: Emamdeen Fohim, U. of Bern
Organizer: Michael John Gill, U. of Oxford
Presenter: Melodie Cartel, UNSW Business School, Australia
Presenter: Renate Elisabeth Meyer, WU Vienna & Copenhagen Business School
Presenter: Mia Raynard, WU Vienna
Presenter: Juliane Reinecke, King's College London
Presenter: Christopher W. J. Steele, U. of Alberta
Presenter: Madeline Toubiana, U. of Alberta
Institutional theory is shaped by the philosophy of phenomenology. Nevertheless, these phenomenological roots are often forgotten by organizational scholars. Not surprisingly, phenomenology as a research methodology is seldom applied in institutional studies. Phenomenological methodologies seek to study individuals’ lived experiences. The aim of this PDW is to return to the phenomenological roots of institutional theory and to discuss the different types and opportunities for phenomenological methodologies. After introducing phenomenology and phenomenological methodologies, prominent scholars will discuss a range of concepts of particular relevance for institutional theory including institutional complexity, place and space, time and temporality, emotions, and taken-for-grantedness. Drawing on these concepts, breakout room sessions will allow participants to develop potential research projects that aim to advance research on of the discussed concepts by applying a phenomenological methodology. The overall goal of the PDW is to open up new approaches for the development of institutional theory. We thus believe that this PDW is of particular interest for scholars of the OMT community as well as the OB community. But we expect that also RM scholars will be curious to learn about a still quite unknown research methodology. And we believe that scholars of the MH community will be curious to return to the historical analysis of one of organization studies most dominant theory – namely, institutional theory.
This workshop introduces participants to phenomenology and relevant institutionalist concepts (institutional complexity, place and space, time and temporality, emotions, taken-for-grantedness). During breakout sessions, participants share research ideas related to these concepts, using a phenomenological methodology. No pre-registration. First come, first served. Referred discussion topics for breakout rooms can be entered here: For enquiries: please contact and
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