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Scheduled: Friday, Jul 30 2021 5:00AM - 7:00AM ET (UTC-4)
In search of Excellence in Japanese companies: Preliminary analysis of large scale survey projects
In search of Excellence in Japanese companies

Organizer: Yasuhiro Hattori, Kobe U.
Organizer: Junichi Yamanoi, Waseda U.
Organizer: Daisuke Uchida, Kyushu U.
Organizer: Kazuhiro Asakawa, Keio U.
Chair: Koichi Nakagawa, Yasashii Business Inc
Presenter: Yasuhiro Hattori, Kobe U.
Presenter: Manabu Miyao, Kobe U.
Presenter: Masato Sasaki, Hitotsubashi U.
Presenter: Yasushi Hara, National Graduate Institute for Policy Studies
Presenter: Yuko Okajima, -
Presenter: Go Shionoya, -
Participant: Tomomi IMAGAWA, -
Presenter: Eriko Teramura, Meikai U.
Participant: Rika Takebe, -
This professional development workshop (PDW) is designed to introduce research opportunities by connecting management scholars with unique access to Japanese firms and those with some interest in Japanese firms and its management. The Japanese economy and firms still have played an important role in the global business; for example, its GDP is the third largest in the world in 2020. Nevertheless, the presence of Japanese companies in the management research is not so high. The main reason for this low presence of Japanese firms could be attributed to Japanese scholars’ small number of publications. Only a few Japanese scholars can regularly publish papers in decent journal in the management field. Although abundant detailed data on business and economic activities are available in Japan and many Japanese management scholars have access to such data, its potential has not been exploited yet. In this PDW, we will invite non-Japanese scholars who have interest in Japanese firms and its management but does not have data, or non-Japanese scholars who want to utilize Japanese firms to test their research ideas. By providing some preliminary analysis from two large scale survey projects in Japan (Covid-19 Research Project and Organizational Survey 2020 Project) conducted by the members of The Academic Association of Organizational Science (AAOS), we want to revive the interest of management scholars in Japanese firms.
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