Session Type: PDW Workshop
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Scheduled: Friday, Jul 30 2021 7:00AM - 9:00AM ET (UTC-4)
The Manager and Love: Evoking a Loving Inquiry in a Group Setting
The Manager and Love
TeachingPracticeTheme: Bringing the Manager Back in ManagementResearch

Facilitator: Angela Pei Ju Chen, U. of Melbourne
Coordinator: Tom Elwood Culham, Beedie School of Business Simon Fraser U.
Facilitator: Giorgia Diletta Nigri, Libera U. Maria Santissima Assunta (LUMSA)
Facilitator: Richard Peregoy, U. of Dallas, Satish & Yasmin Gupta College of Business
Facilitator: Barbara C. Nussbaum, -
Neuroscientists, psychologists, educators, and management scholars propose that the current emphasis on the intellect and reason in education and business over values such as love, connectedness, and compassion are at the root of many business ethical failures and societal problems. They argue not that reason should be abandoned in education and business management, but rather that it needs to be balanced with values such as love because these attributes are innately human, and this will enable wise decision making. This is a difficult task in the context of the current ethos of intellect and reason that dominates education and management. To correct the imbalance, we need to explore ways of preparing managers of the future to accept the relevance and importance of learning how to develop and embody love. This PDW aims to provide an experience of community love by inviting the participants to listen and speak in a respectful and reverential way to create a caring, receptive container. Participants will engage in the practice of Collaborative Autoethnography, which will integrate the Nguni South African concept of Ubuntu, to explore, research, and demonstrate the experience of love in a community setting. To support this practice we will discuss: contexts from which love is considered such as Christianity and indigenous cultures, why and how love might be implemented in education and management, and how Collaborative Autoethnography can be applied in a process of connecting with others to research and learn from the experience of love and connectedness.
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