Session Type: PDW Workshop
Program Session: 12 | Submission: 12841 | Sponsor(s): (HR, MED)
Virtual session type: Synchronous Live Open
Scheduled: Friday, Jul 30 2021 7:00AM - 8:30AM ET (UTC-4)
Engaging and Supporting International PhD Students and Early Career Faculty in the HR Division
Engaging International Members of the HR Division

Chair: Vanessa Shum, Simon Fraser U.
Chair: Karina Van De Voorde, Tilburg U.
Panelist: Jaime Andrés Bayona, Pontificia U. Javeriana
Panelist: Ilona Buciuniene, ISM U. of Management and Economics
Panelist: Sewon Kim, State U. of New York Empire State College
Panelist: Scott L Martin, Zayed U.
Panelist: Margarita Nyfoudi, U. of Birmingham
Panelist: Hilla Peretz, ORT Braude College
Panelist: Madina Rival, LIRSA-Cnam Paris
Panelist: Shay Tzafrir, U. of Haifa
International members (outside of North America) represent a large portion of the HR Division at the Academy of Management– in terms of their membership share at the HR Division membership and participation in AOM/HR Division conferences. It is essential to engage international members, in particular international PhD students and early career faculty, for improving the global inclusivity of the division. This PDW aims to create a plan to provide support and address the needs and challenges faced specifically by international PhD students and early career faculty. Attendees can expect to raise and discuss experiences and challenges related to being international members in a scholarly association that is gradually becoming international (also compared to others, including local associations), learn about opportunities for international members to become more involved in the HR Division and the AOM, and discuss "what's in it for early career scholars" to be members of the HR Division and the AOM (in terms of available activities and resources). This PDW is structured in 4-parts: (1) sharing the vision and goals of the HR Division International Committee, (2) discussing the challenges specific to international PhD students and early career faculty and possible avenues to address these challenges, (3) learning from a panel of international guest speakers who will share their advice and experiences, (4) introducing the Junior Ambassadors group – the new delegates within the Ambassadors program. In sum, the objective of the PDW is to support international PhD students and early career faculty to develop meaningful experiences and lasting relationships with the HR Division.
How do I register? There is no charge to attend, but pre-registration and conference registration are required. To pre-register, please email your name, school, and a brief CV to Vanessa Shum ( by July 10.
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