Session Type: Social Event
Program Session: 13 | Submission: 13053 | Sponsor(s): (MSR)
Virtual session type: Synchronous Live Open
Scheduled: Friday, Jul 30 2021 7:00AM - 7:30AM ET (UTC-4)
MSR Morning Meditation
MSR Morning Meditation

Chair: Richard Peregoy, U. of Dallas, Satish & Yasmin Gupta College of Business
Chair: Gerald Biberman, U. of Scranton
The practice of meditation (either individual or collective) has the common objective to still/silence the mind and allow the unconscious reality to emerge, open and unfold. Many variations of meditation exist. In this conference five different forms will be introduced--a different form will be introduced each day during the conference. The idea is for those new to meditation to sample, and for those who find a familiar meditation to expand their experience. These five meditations can be accomplished in a few minutes or longer as you wish.
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